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Chema Madoz: You act in gallery PhotoMuseum


Chema Madoz: Obras is the title of the exhibition of the photographer of Madrid that you will be able to see in the gallery PhotoMuseum in Zarautz.

What will we be able to see? The sample exhibits photos similar to those that we could see last year in the exhibition of Cadiz, composed by a selection of snapshots that paint the portrait of objects of the everyday life, deprived of his habitual environment and forming a new articulated language.

The proposal: from the 80s up to the actuality, Madoz has working with the portrait of daily objects, which from his photo turn into metaphors, allusions and representations of one further away or more here that it exceeds the mere image. Also the texture of white person and black and light of the fotgrafìas of Madoz do of his images exquisite pieces for the look.

Place: Gallery PhotMuseum, Argazki and Zinema Museoa in San Ignacio of Zarautz. Opened to the public until next August 30.

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