The Esquizos: images of the exhibition of imagining in Spanish art

The Esquizos of Madrid. Imagining of Madrid of the 70 is one of the big exhibitions that you can visit in Queen Sophia this summer and it assembles the whole generation of Spanish artists, who demonstrate his position before Franco's fall and the beginning of the democracy.

Here a brief trip for the works that you will be able to see in the sample, where there take part some of our favorite Spanish artists: Luis Gordillo, Chema Cobo, Carlos Alcolea and Carlos Franco. An exhibition without pierde to know the Spanish imagining of 70 and 80.

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The Esquizos, imagining in the Spanish art in Queen Sophia


Greta Garbo, 1972, work of Carlos Alcolea

The Esquizos of Madrid. Imagining of Madrid of the 70 is the title of the exhibition on Spanish art and imagining of Madrid that you will be able to visit in the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia.

What will we be able to see? The sample includes a period of the art of Madrid between 1970 and 1985, that is to say, last years of the Franco period and the beginning of the democracy, in that a generation of artists decided to incline for the figurative art, but in his particular, own representation of the context associate – politician.

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Eclipse, exhibition of Chema Cobo in gallery Antonio Machón

Eclipse is the new explanatory proposal of artist Chema Cobo, which Antonio Machón can visit in the gallery.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles pictures of the artists, with a palette that returns to the first years of production of Cobo. There are individual pictures, but that can be read like everything, with one I stop of surprise in the look.

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The literature in the art of the hand of Chema Cobo


Born in Tariff, Cadiz, in 1952, Chema Cobo is a recognized Spanish painter who at present resides in Alhaurín Big, a people of Malaga. He studied Ligüística in the Autonomous University of Madrid between 1970 and 1974, and between 1981-82, enjoyed a scholarship as resident in the PS1 of New York.

Between 1993-94, he was a Teacher invited in Art Institute of Chicago, and the same year, the Award was granted him Andalusia of Plastic Arts. His first exhibition realized it in 1975 and from there, his work has covered the most diverse spaces, happening for galleries, museums and centers of art.

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