Representatives of the Spanish hyper-realism

I have breakfast with bun. 1975. Matíaas Quetglas.

I have breakfast with bun. 1975. Matías Quetglas.

As representatives of the Spanish hyper-realism we find a numerous group of authors who have devoted themselves to realize hyperrealistic works; authors who have realized hyperrealistic works without stopping realizing realistic works; and contemporary authors, young values or new promises inside the hyperrealistic production.

The Spanish hyper-realism is provided with a big number of consecrated authors. The School of Seville is represented by Juan Bautista Nieto, Cristóbal Toral and Eduardo Naranjo; and the School of Madrid, for Antonio López, Enrique Jiménez Carrero, Elizabeth Quintanilla, and Matías Quetglas.

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The hyper-realism of César Galicia


If about hyperrealistic art we speak, well it costs to give him a return for the web of César Galicia, one of the Spanish painters of the moment that have penetrated with a horrifying capacity the esthetics of the real thing.

In his work it seems that the life the same capture the forms and the colors of what she is in his extract, but with the imperceptible and ghostly trace of a demiurgo that the face. To keep on reading»

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