“Spain 1957-2007 ″, exhibition that the contemporary Spanish art assembles in Palermo


Palermo has dressed itself with better than the Spanish art of last times. Spain 1957-2007 is monumental ours that it is possible to visit in Palace Sant'Elia of the Italian city and gathers the best contemporary Spanish artists from the group Step up to the transition to the contemporary thing.

In this monographic Spaniard there are works of Picasso, Barceló Looked, Dalí, Chillida, Gordillo, Canogar, Block, Thousands, Team Chronicle, Esther Ferrer, Muñoz, Antotion López, Carlos Paso, Jordi Colomer, Txomin Badiola, for naming some.

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“Dora Maar”, acts of Carmen Calvo to auction in Reinforcing you

We have a debt to the work of this Spanish artist, we are speaking about Carmen Calvo, one of big exponents of the local contemporary art. To begin to pay, today we bring this exquisite piece that brings in in the auction of the Italian room to Reinforce you on May 22.

It is a question of Dora Maar (a reinterpretation of the portraits of the lover of Picasso)


Mixed skill, collage and design on cloth
100×100x11 cm
Executed in 2003, signed and dated “Carmen Calvo 2003 ″
Origin: Galerie Academy, Salisburgo
Starting price: 6.000 to 8.000 euros

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Lots of Tàpies, I Fixed and Carmen Calvo to auction in Lisbon

The Portuguese house Salts Branca it will realize in February 28 a contemporary art auction, with quite accessible prices for the pocket, in that we emphasize the lots of three Spanish painters: Antoni Clavé, Antoni Tàpies and Carmen Calvo.

Let's see the Bald person lot first, an artist that I have not seen very much to auction:



Mixed skill and collage s/papel in support of cloth and wood
Signed and dated in the reverse
102 x 102 cm.
Instinct: € 4.000 – € 7.000

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