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Spanish art in the auction of impressionistic and modern art of Christie's

On April 29 Christie's celebrates an auction of impressionistic and modern art in London, with more than 150 lots, between which we emphasize those of art espñAOL, represented by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, José Luis Cuevas and Carlos Nadal.

The champion of José Luis Cuevas

Pen, black ink and watercolor on role
Signed and dated ‘Cuevas/24. VIII.73 ′
55.4 x 74.9cm
Starting price: 2.200 – 3.300 €

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Bores, Nadal and Feito in the auction of art of Sotheby's

We complete the most interesting Spanish lots of the auction of poetical and symbolic European art of Sotheby's (12-11 in London) with the works of Francisco Bores, Carlos Nadal and Luis Feito.

Of Bores we have fruits Inn

Oil s/lienzo
92 x 73 cm
Signed Bores 60, below to the left
Starting price: 18.300 – 30.500 euros

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Oils of Carlos Nadal in the auction of Christiés New York

The period is waking up and on September 10 we already will have the first auctions of the big houses. We begin with the meeting of Christie's New York of auction of impressionistic and modern art, where we emphasize the lots of the Spanish Carlos Nadal.

Plage aux Estivants

Executed 1994
Skill: Acrylic s/lienzo
Measurements: 73×92,1 cm
Distinctive marks: signed Nadal dedicated for “Adjoins AND THEY GIVE with everything my m”
Starting price: 27.000 – 40.700 Euros

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6 lots of Carlos Nadal in the auction of modern art of Christiés

On April 1 Christie's will have the auction of impressionistic and modern art in London in which we emphasize the lots of our Spanish painter, Carlos Nadal. In this occasion there are prices for all: modest and more opulent pockets with works of big and small format.

In the auctions of this first trimester of 2008, Nadal supported very diverse prices in his works: from a gouache finished off by 3.000 euros up to oils that overcome 50.000 euros. Let's see the lots of this auction:

Bassin du Nord


Oil on linen
65,5×81,2 cm
Signed "C.Nadal"
Evaluation: 39.100 – 52.200 EUR

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Big auction of Spanish artists in The Suite

The gallery and house of auctions The Suite, it will finish off in his meeting from February 23 until 17:30, a big quantity of works of Spanish artists of big size, like it they are Carlos Nadal, Pablo Picasso and Manolo Valdés. Although all the looks will be put in the work of Picasso, it is not necessary to despise others excellent authors, who have demonstrated to be practically to his height in last auctions.

Of famous Carlos Nadal it will be auctioned:


Mixed skill on role
Measurements: 27×22 cm
Starting price: 1.000 EUR

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Biography of Carlos Nadal


Wine vaults with rags and fruits

The painter Carlos Nadal (Paris, 1917 – Sitges, 1998) is a Spanish painter, son of Catalans. His life her passed between Barcelona, Paris and Brussels and had in several occasions meetings with Picasso.

He studied painting in the School of Fine arts of Llotja of Barcelona and in 1945 it speaks to Paris where he met to diverse collective lounges of international character. Later it moves to Brussels, place that will receive it of very good way.

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Another painting of Carlos Nadal to auction, this time in Sotheby`s

Next Wednesday, the 13th of February, Sotheby's will carry out an auction of Modernism and Modern art, in which Carlos Nadal represents in the lot 88 with:

The Plage


Oil on linen
47×55 cm,
Signed and dated in 1983
Evaluation: 10.243 – 13.648 EUR

In advance oils of the artist have been finished off in different auctions houses, for example the one that it realized last December 18 Ansorena:



Oil s/cartón given to linen
57×42 cm
Signed and dated in 1978
Price finishes off: 19.000 EUR

This auction will be carried out in the morning meeting of the room, at 10 a.m.

4 lots of Carlos Nadal in the auction of modern and impressionistic art of Christiés

On Tuesday, the 5th there is celebrated the second meeting of the auction of modern and impressionistic art in Christie's, in which we emphasize 4 lots of the Spanish painter Carlos Nadal.

They beaux fruits


Oil and cinder s/lienzo
61×50,2 cm, identical with 1968
Signed "Nadal"
Evaluation: 19.921 – 26.561 EUR

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Auction of Segre in July: Hernando Viñes, Cristobal Toral, Carlos Nadal

Segre, which did not realize sale in June, quotes us at the beginning of July, the 2nd to be finishing the period.

This sale looks like a summer sale, with few interesting pieces, like surf of one year in which it has offered us out-standing contemporary art pieces, posicionándose like one of the most valid references in art of the S. XX and XXI in Spain.

From the lots of the month we have emphasized the following ones:


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It auctions in Barcelona: Antonio Saura, Victor Mira, Carlos Nadal between others

In the next auction of Brok, which will be celebrated in Barcelona next April 26, he emphasizes the big works quantity on role that appear.

These are the lots that more I have liked:

(Huesca, 1930-Madrid, 1998)

Saura is a creative incombustible one. The work is not of bad epoch, measured of the 80s. Frequently the painter was using the lids of books to capture some of his portraits. The suggested prices Status sounds reasonably.


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