Award Turner: polemic for the artists' selection

A work of Goshka Macuga

A new year for the Award Turner, one of the biggest awards to the art and that this year again has selected 4 contemporary artists, that is to say, artists with works in vídeoarte and conceptual art.

The specializing criticism seems to disagree with the selection and corrects of “polemic“ the selection, which does not include works in painting. But we go gentlemen, the contemporary art is not perhaps the crystallization of the democratization of the art, in which they give priority to new means of artistic expression.

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Baltic Center to judgment for exhibiting Jesus with the penis erecto

The polemic keeps on giving roll with works of art that tackle religious topics: in the United Kingdom, the art gallery Baltic Center was enjuiciada for exhibiting in an exhibition the work of artist Terence Koh.

The work in question is Jesus's estauta with the penis erecto, that was part of the exhibition Gone, Yet Still, in which several icons of our history were suffering the same penis condition erecto. The true thing is that this raised affronts in a catholic woman who complained to the gallery.

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Curious work of the double creative Drzach and Suchy explores the relativity

Drzach and Suchy are two creative ones that have joined to realize a series of works that discuss the relativity of the perception.

Across the skill of Shadow Casting Panels (that reproduces forms and shades as the angle in which it looks), created in 2004 by Drzach, in the work there appear two compositions as the perspective and the light that illuminates it. Relativity is the name of this series of works, of which Marilyn is only one of them.

To know more of the project, visit: / relativity /

Select works of Picasso, Goya and Lorca in the International Fair of the Ancient Book

One of the watercolors of Picasso

From September 11 until September 13 the Palace of Congress and Exhibitions of Madrid will receive the International Fair of the Ancient Book, in which we will be able to see select works of art and the first books editions.

What will we be able to see? The event will assemble 75 booksellers of the whole world, in whose copies they will be able to find real jewels of the art and the literature, like pieces select and somewhat difficult to find of Picasso, Goya and Lorca.

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“Fix you of Albal”, a series that they must see

Let's begin for understanding what an "apañao" is: adapted, by the way for the use to which it is assined.

Departing from this base we can already imagine of what the argument goes of Fix you of Albal. Yes, neither more nor less than two completely different friends who share his lives and adventures: one fixed, more relaxed other.

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