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Under roof: four stadiums of intimacy, exhibition of the art collection Contemporary of the Community of Madrid

Bleeding Sky”, series “not Man's Land” of artist Johann Ryno de Wet

Under roof: four intimacy stadiums there is the Contemporary title of the exhibition of the art collection of the Community of Madrid – donation a Foundation Actilibre that you can visit until January 11 in the Center of Art On May 2.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles more than 40 artists, in different styles and under the target to explore on the diverse forms of expression across the graphic work. Between the artists that you will be able to see are: José Manuel Broto, Martín Chirino, Antoni Clavé, Luis Gordillo, Antoni Muntadas, Blanca Muñoz, Bernardí Roig and Juan Ugalde, between others.

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Summer Show”, collective summer exhibition in Marlborough


Yellow inn of Heart

The head office of Madrid of the gallery Marlboruogh celebrates the period with the collective exhibition Summer Show. This sample assembles pieces in painting and sculpture of the artists' fistful of the gallery.

The opening is June 26 and the works will be able turn until September 6, with the exception of August that will be closed. There will see works of Alfonso Alabacete, Juan José Aquerreta, Martín Chirino, Rafael Cidoncha, Alberto Corazón, Juan Correa, Alejandro Corujeira, Carlos Franco, Manuel Franquelo, Juan Genovés, Luis Gordillo, Kcho, Abraham Lacalle, Francisco Leiro, Blanca Muñoz, Lucio Muñoz, Juan Navarro Baldewed, Pelayo Ortega, Daniel Quintero, Josep Maria Riera I Aragó, David Rodríguez Caballero, Sergio Sanz, Manolo Valdés and Darío Villalba.

The collective one from the best Spanish contemporary art to plenary meeting not to get lost.

“Palimpsest“, a work of interactive of Daniel Canogar

Palimpsest is a work of Daniel Canogar, that it takes as collaborators to Jordi Puig, Javier Lloret, Paola Rodríguez, Domingo Martínez, Patricia Casado y Yolanda Spinola.

The work is composed by a sculptural screen formed by ruined bulbs, in which they go away there happen points of light that are interacting with the public. As the spectator approaches, these light points it is taking the form of this person fitting to his movimiento.De a metaphorical form, this light that seems to give life to the bulbs, also it does it with the public.

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Life and work of Blanca Muñoz


‘Stellar system I’. 1998
Sculpture. Rod and sheet of stainless steel.

He was born in the year 1963 in Madrid, where he lives and works at present. He studied Fine arts in the Complutense University. In 1989 it obtained the scholarship of the National Chalcography and in 1990 the Scholarship of the Academy of Spain; both to study in Rome. Two years later it received the Scholarship of the Direction of Foreign relations of Mexico.

In his artistic production “he constructs an image of the physical space, as regards the universe in his set, and of the resonance that both produce in our interior”.

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