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Biography of Susy Gómez


He was born in Pollenza (Majorca) in the year 1965. He studied in the faculty of Fine arts of Barcelona. After finishing his formation, it realized his first exhibition in the Gallery Norai of his hometown, in 1987. In 1993, it provoked a big surprise with his individual exhibition in the Foundation Looked of Barcelona.

The work of Susy Gómez is characterized by a big technical versatility: painting, the photo, the sculpture, the drawing, the video or the installation the territories.

From Arch 95, his work caused a big expectation, by what it was included in important both national and international collective samples, like the Lounge of the 16 of the same year.

Since then it realized several individual exhibitions, of which they stand out: the realized one in 1996 in the Gallery Toni Tápies-Edicions T (Barcelona), The House That Today I Am realized in 1997 in the Gallery Giorgo Persano (Turin), With A Kiss, done in 1998 in the Centre of Contemporary Art Ileana Tounta (Athens) and Damned Heart, carry out in 1999 in Musue d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain (Nice).

In 1999 it obtained the Scholarship Endesa. On the following year the Centre of Carmen del Ivam of Valencia it realized his first retrospective, Some Things That It was Calling Mine. In 2001 his individual No presented the Museum of Pollenza I know all the times. In 2005 she was one of fourteen artists who composed the sample Contemporaries 2005, an exhibition organized by the BBVA.

In his work there can be seen several proposals, which continue the tradition of the postminimalism (that pushes the form back for the form accidentally to impose another possibility), and that simultaneously is linked to the most current esthetics. Finally, it moves in his art with a deep freedom.

In addition to working with the feminine body, it uses other images, like the flowers, the sea, boats, hearts, houses, garments, sceneries; and his topics go from the love, the interior and the appearances, up to the infancy and the artistic creation.

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