Biography of Pablo Serrano, Spanish sculptor

Vault for the man, 1962

This sculptor was born in the year 1908 in Crivillén (province of Teruel). In 1917 it joined like beginner the workshop of sculptor José Bueno.

In 1920 it went away to Barcelona, where he studied size and modeling in the Professional Schools Salesianas de Sarriá. Then, it was established in Santa Fe, Argentinian, and later between 1930 1955 in Montevideo, Uruguay. In the latter country it developed an intense teaching work, then to devote itself in exclusive to the sculpture.

In this country, where it obtained the most prestigious sculpture awards, he was one of the founders of the group “Paul Cezanne“. In 1955 Spanish America of Art represented Uruguay in the Biennial IInd, and two later decided to remain of definitive form in Spain. In 1957 he was one of the founders of the group Step, in which it remained only one year. There it was along with his partner, also artist Juana Francés.

In his sculpture protagonist is the man; and his public work is an example of “this commitment with the man”, that turns it into a humanist.

It realized numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective (from 1939). His first individual exhibition did it in 1957 in the Cultural club of Madrid; and since then it was present in many other, both in his country and in Paris, Milan, Germany, Holland, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Buenos Aires.

Pablo Serrano died in Madrid in the year 1985.

He is an author of many works and public monuments, like: the doors of bronze of the crypt of the School of San Jose in Rosary (Argentina), the monument to Antonio Machado in Baeza (Jaen) or that of Juan March, in Madrid, between others.

Other public works:

  • Bust of General José Gervasio Artigas, 1950, Populates It of Albortón, Uruguay
  • Monument to José Pedro Varela, 1951, Trinidad
  • Monument to the National anthem, 1951, Paisandú
  • “Big vault”, 1963, Hydroelectric power station of Aldeadávila, Salamanca
  • Bread and Culture, 1962, Square of the Lyceum, Salamanca
  • Monument to Fleming, 1964, Square of San Francisco, Alcañiz, Teruel
  • Monument to Elizabeth, the Catholic, 1967, Puerto Rico
  • Monument to Gregorio Maranon, 1970, University campus, Madrid
  • Monument to Ponce of León, 1971, Palencia
  • Units Team of oxen, 1972, Museum of Sculpture to the Free Air of The Castilian one, Madrid
  • Homage to the Canaries, 1973, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canaries
  • Monument to José Sinués, 1976, Saragossa
  • Monument to Ramón and Cajal, 1984, outskirts of the ancient University Sertoriana, Huesca
  • Monument to Indalecio Prieto, 1984, Madrid
  • Picasso, the Guitar and the Cubism, 1987, Avenue of the Freedom, Elche

His artistic production is in museums and other institutions, like: University of Rio Stone, Puerto Rico; National museum of Modern art, Paris; Middelheim Museum, Antwerp; University of Houston, the USA; University of Saragossa.

Awards and distinctions:

  • The first Award of the Municipal Commissariat of Montevideo (1942)
  • Golden medal in the National Lounge of Plastic Arts of Uruguay (1944 and 1951)
  • Big Award of the Second Biennial National Lounge of Plastic Arts, Uruguay (1955)
  • Big Award of Sculpture (shared with Ángel Ferrant) in the Spanish-American Biennial IInd of Art, Barcelona (1955)
  • There rewarded “Julio González“ of the Criticism of the Lounge of May, Barcelona (1961)
  • I reward San Jorge of the County council of Saragossa (1967)
  • Member of the Real Academy of Flanders, Belgium (1969)
  • Big Award of the First Exhibition (1971)
  • International of Sculpture of Budapest, Hungary (1971)
  • Renowned Favorite Son with golden Medal for the County council of Teruel (1973)
  • There rewarded Fighter, Saragossa (1975)
  • Gentleman of the Arts and the Letters for the Department of Culture of France (1977)
  • Golden medal of Fine arts (1980)
  • Member of the Real Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid (1980)
  • Golden medal of the City of Saragossa (1980)
  • There rewarded the Prince of Asturias of the Arts (1982)
  • Honorary doctor for the University of Saragossa (1983)
  • I reward Aragon to the Arts (1984)
  • Medalist "Juan de Lanuza" (posthumous title, 1986)

There exists a monographic museum dedicated to his work, which has his origin in the foundation that the proper author created the same year of his death. It was inaugurated in 1994, and it was governed by his patronage until middle of 1995, and hence it happened to depend on the Government of Aragon.

His mission is to gather and to show to the public the work of Pablo Serrano and to encourage the knowledge of the contemporary creation.

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