Biography of Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon. Self-portrait.

Francis Bacon. Self-portrait.

Francis Bacon is born in the year 1909 in Dublin, Ireland. Bacon has been a wonderful and out-standing Irish painter. On having spoken of wonderful, I do not allude to the sweetness of his pictures, but by force and expressiveness that his works detach.

In the year 1914 it moved to London. He traveled to Berlin and Paris. Due to his homosexuality, his father invited him to leave his house. Perhaps, this injustice, this form of sexual discrimination on the part of his paternal figure, could be the causer of all this suppressed anger, tear and aggressiveness that reflect his pictures.

The work of Francis Bacon is absolutely personal, it is quite eclectic, since his work can be defined by several styles, from the imagining expressionist, happening for the European unformalism, up to the neofiguración. Francis Bacon dies in Madrid in the year 1992.

Between his works they are: a big self-portraits quantity; Man sat with Turkish carpet; Three studies for the base of a crucifixion; Three studies for a crucifixion; Head VI; I study for the Pope Inocencio X; Head between the loins of a carved up ox; George Dyer in a mirror.

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  1. yulio volt

    coñooo since ago for encontra the names of francis's damned works bacon I am arto of looking and without finding anything someone can help me … … … …

    1. monica kreibohm

      Yulio, first of all thanks for the visit.
      And answering to your doubt here you will find some critiques of pictures of Bacon:

      I hope that they should serve to you, greetings :)

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