Biography of Daniel García Andújar

Daniel G. Andújar

Daniel G. Andújar

Daniel García Andújar is a born multimedia Spanish artist in Almoradí in the year 1966; at present he lives in Barcelona. His work is focused on the field of the videoarte and of net art and the beginning of his artistic trajectory are located at the end of the eighties.

The acidic and ironic criticism that questions the information society is one of the components that normally it presents in his productions. The reflection on the use of the technology and the recycling of computers also usually appears in his works.

Between his works we find: Technologies to The People, (TTTP); a project that begins in the year 1996, and with the one that initiates other projects. Daniel G. Andújar is the director of the following projects in the network:;; and

Daniel García Andújar is one of the members of, a group formed by several authors; also he emphasizes his work in the achievement of conferences and workshops in different countries.

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