Bill Viola, his life in 60 seconds

I found this curious video that gives some winks about the life of Bill Viola. At the age of 6 it fell down of a boat, perhaps there this the reason that I explained the use of the water as way for the life and the death in his works.

His mother died after Viola was born, from there his obsession for the life, the death and the existence in his works. A 1 minute to meet this contemporary artist, who is writing the page of the videoarte in the art history.

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Eroticism and art in an exhibition of Thyssen Bornemisza


Photo of Rachel Weisz for James White

Tears of Eros there is the title of the big retrospective that the Museum Thyssen Bornemisza will inaugurate in autumn, which central topics are the eroticism, the passion and the death in the ancient art, of the XIXth century, surrealist and contemporary.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of 120 works that tackle the eroticism and the passion across these moments of the art history, with pieces in painting, sculpture, video and photo. Between the works stars are photos of Man Ray or James White; paintings of Picasso and Antonio Saura and videos of Bill Viola.

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The Messenger, work of Bill Viola in X Festival of Sacred Music and the World of Girona

In the frame of X Festival of Sacred Music and the World of Girona one will be able to see the work of videoarte The Messenger (The Messenger) of the contemporary artist Bill Viola. The appointment is from June 26 until September 20, in the section Nits fosques of l'anima.

The Messenger is a work created in 1996, entrusted by the Cathedral of Durham for his projection in the rear door of the church. The video consists of a young man who is sinking for the increase of the surface of a water pond, panting and, next, submerging again, of a repeated process of four times.

The work of the slow and repetitive rhythm allows to the spectator to observe the details: the form in which the bubbles create auras to conceal the head of the man; the water game in the body as surface, which he remembers of electric currents and, the strangest of all, it forms it in that it does not blink when finally it opens the eyes.

So if you have opportunity, a marvelous appointment to see the work of Viola and to enjoy good music.

Biography of Bill Viola, contemporary artist


Fragment of the work An ocean without to shore

Bill Viola, one of the best contemporary artists, was born in the year 1951 in New York and from child it had artistic vocation. He studied art in the University of Syracuse - pioneering institute in the use of new means of expression.

Tireless traveler, in one of his trips met the photographer Kira Perov, who turned into his wife.

At the beginning of the decade of 1970 it began to work with video. It is so in his work the technological innovation stands out, in addition to his deep interest in the ancient art, principally for the art tardomedieval and Renaissance.

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Bill Viola is XXI Award Catalunya

Bill Viola, contemporary artist of videoarte, is the winner of XXI Award Catalunya, one of the biggest recognition of the Generalitat to personalities of the art and the culture.

And the truth is that it is not for less and is the first time with which I am 100 % in accordance with the qualification of the jury, who said of the work of Viola “an artistic and technical, personal and spiritual work, the use of the videoarte, of which it is pioneering“.

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Emergency, videoarte of Bill Viola

The poetic art of Bill Viola, applied to the vídeoarte, performs an exquisiteness and narrative force, as few contemporary artists achieve it. The love, the hate, the passion, the life, the death, anyway, the existence itself of the human being are topics very difficult to touch in a work and without doubts fact work of art Violates them (with capital letters) throughout all these years.

Today we will see emergency fragments, videoinstalación of 2002, which was part of the exhibition The passions of 2005 in Foundation The Caixa.

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5 angels for the Millenium, videoarte of Bill Viola

Five Angels from Millennium is a work of videoarte realized by Bill Viola in 2001 and exhibited in several museums, between them Tate Modern.

The work was projected on a dark gallery, where they appear 5 years: Ángel del Nacimiento, Ángel del Fuego; Ángel de Ascención; Ángel de Creación, and Ángel de Salida. According to words of the author, this work “does not treat about a movie of a man suffocating. Somehow (…) it had created involuntarily the images of the ascension, from the birth to the death“.

The video of the work, they belong to the exhibition of the work in the Center George Pompidou in Paris, in September, 2005.

Arch 2009: works of art you cover with stars to auction

Study from the Human Body of Francis Bacon

Yesterday Arch 2009 opened his doors to the expert public, like collectors, press, authorities and businessmen, all of them with the hope to find contemporary art at good prices in crisis times. Today it will be the big opening.

Here an advance of the big works and artists, national and international, that you will be able to see in Arch 2009, and if the pocket allows it to you, to buy them:

  • Study from the Human Body of Francis Bacon
    I boast: 15.700.00 euros
  • Big Nude (1959) of Antonio Saura
    I boast 900.000 euros
  • Victory Over Death of Damien Hirst, price to request in the gallery
  • Works of videoarte of Bill Viola, catalog of works to request in the gallery

Arch 2009 begins already

Work of the series Systematic Citizen, of the Indian artist Riyas Komu,

that will be present in ARCH

From February 11 until February 19 we will have the new edition of the fair of Spanish international contemporary art, Arco 2009. With the bogey of the crisis, less galleries and invited countries, Arco 09 will set in shop window from the avant-garde art up to the new tendencies of the contemporary art.

In whole we will have 238 galleries of 32 countries, 79 of Spanish them and with India like the invited country, with the exhibition of the work of 50 artists. The mitigation for Arch 09 will be the presence of artists dedicated like Francis Bacon, Bill Viola, Miquel Barceló and Damien Hirst.

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The Greeting, video - installation of Bill Viola

Still of The Greeting

Bill Viola yes is an authentic contemporary artist, in his work, thanks to the use of multiple formats, we are present sometimes at the story and others to the dialogue with the world that surrounds it. The death, the existence humanizes, the life and the birth are some of the topic appellants in his work.

In this frame there is located the work Greeting, a video - installation of 10 minutes of duration, inspired by the picture Visitación (1528-1529), of the painting manierista of Pontormo. The work of Viola was realized in 1995.

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