Bernardo Torrens and his exhibition in Bernarducci Meisel Gallery


Jesi II”
Acrylic in wood

A selection of the work of the Spanish painter Bernando Torrens one will be able to see from October 1 in the gallery neoyoquina Bernarducci Meisel Gallery.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by a selection of works of Torrens of last decade, with pictures like the series of feminine nudes; the portraits of personalities and the series dedicated to the looks. There are pictures in subtle and deep white persons and blacks, as well as paintings of intense coloring.

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Biography of Bernardo Torrens, Spanish artist

the toreador

The toreador (1997)
150 x 122 cm
Acrylic on table

Bernardo Torrens is a Spanish artist who was born in Madrid in the year 1957. His work is assigned to the Spanish realism and is one of the representatives of the contemporary Spanish hyper-realism.

Faithful to the realism and hyper-realism, Torrens supports in his pictures topics like sceneries, human figures and dead natures, with a stroke he signs and own, what they emphasize inside the concert of realistic Spanish artists. One of the most exquisite series is a Cubicle, where several feminine figures dispute the space and the form in cubicles.

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Representatives of the Spanish hyper-realism

I have breakfast with bun. 1975. Matíaas Quetglas.

I have breakfast with bun. 1975. Matías Quetglas.

As representatives of the Spanish hyper-realism we find a numerous group of authors who have devoted themselves to realize hyperrealistic works; authors who have realized hyperrealistic works without stopping realizing realistic works; and contemporary authors, young values or new promises inside the hyperrealistic production.

The Spanish hyper-realism is provided with a big number of consecrated authors. The School of Seville is represented by Juan Bautista Nieto, Cristóbal Toral and Eduardo Naranjo; and the School of Madrid, for Antonio López, Enrique Jiménez Carrero, Elizabeth Quintanilla, and Matías Quetglas.

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Bernardo Torrens takes the Spanish hyper-realism to Italy

The gallery of the Tasso (Bergamo, Italy) will be the room for the exhibition of the work of Bernardo Torrens, one of the most exquisite hyperrealistic Spanish painters. The opening of the sample is Thursday, but if you cannot be for Italy, here we tell you that one will see.


The exhibition assembles pieces of different format, there are big ones that for the perfection of the realistic skill make alike photos that receive ephemeral moments of personages like a toreador, a cook, the furtive look of a woman, a child, for naming some. To keep on reading»

Ansorena March 6: Sicily, Bernardo Torrens, Pepi Sanchez, Carlos Nadal y Sorolla

In the next auction of Ansorena that will be celebrated in Madrid next March 6 I have emphasized the following lots:

Joaquin Sorolla

I title: "Red evening”

Skill: I flutter on table.
Measurements: 9 x 20,3 cm.

Price Gone out: 7.500,00 Euros

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Exhibition: Realism 2007 in Castelló 120

There comes to my hands the catalog of the Exhibition “Realism 2007” of the Gallery Castelló 120, which tandrá place from February 7 until March 3. This Gallery realizes in Madrid, at the beginning of year an exhibition with young realistic artists that it turns out to be very interesting to me.

This year there exhibit authors that I like like José Luís Corella, Modesto Trigo, Guennadi Ulibin or Golucho. Some that I liked more some years ago, like Javier Banegas, and others that Maria Treviño or Carlos Muro did not know like Pedro del Toro, Francisco Roa, Christian Pignol, Alberto Morago.

Of previous calls done in absence to Lorenzo Fernandez y Kike Meana essentially.

I like very much the realistic painting. Many collectors consider it to be a "minor" category lately with somewhat typical criticism as “that does not contribute anything to the art” or that “for that is already the photo” etc. A me these comments turn out to be entertaining to me. For me the realism is something more than a fabulous skill exercise. To keep on reading»

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