López, Palencia and Capulletti in the auction of Spanish art of Segre

On March 24 the room Segre celebrates an auction of Spanish art with excellent lots of contemporary art, classic art and art of postwar period. Today we will detail the lots of Antonio López García, Banjamín Palencia and José Maria Capulletti.

Amusement park of Palencia

Oil on táblex
Measurements: 35 x 26 cm
Signed and dated 1949
Starting price: 9.500 €

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The bookseller and The age of Benjamín Palencia in the auction of art of Sotheby's

On November 12 Sotheby's celebrates a thematic auction, with European art of poetical and symbolic vision, in which we emphasize the Spanish artists. Today it is the shift of the pieces of Benjamín Palencia, the painter of Albacete.

The bookseller

Oil s/lienzo
95 x 63.5cm
Signed: Benjamín Palencia, arrives at the left
Starting price: 87.500 – 125.100 euros

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Not more heroes, collective exhibition in ARTIUM

Work of Juan Muñoz in the exhibition

ARTIUM, Center - museum Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo, presents the exhibition Not more heroes The Collection VIII.

What will we be able to see? This is the eighth presentation of the Permanent Collection of ARTIUM, a selection of more than 70 works in painting, drawing, sculpture, photo, installation and videoarte. In the exhibition keys they can see works of the artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Jorge Oteiza, Luis Gordillo, Joan Brossa, Vik Muniz or Juan Muñoz, along with emergent artists, like Karmelo Bermejo or Helen Mendizabal, for naming some.

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“Women …”, collective exhibition with works of Barceló, Palencia and others in ArteSelección

Head of woman of Manuel Ángeles Ortiz

In the frame of the project of Madrid Women's Worlds 2008, the gallery ArteSelección offers the exhibition Women at the edge of almost any thing, the collective one that assembles several of our favorite contemporary Spanish painters.

The collective one assembles paintings, photos and graphic work of Miquel Barceló, Joan Brotat, Eduardo Úrculo, Benjamín Palencia, Manuel Ángeles Ortiz, Francisco Cuadrado, Manolo Quejido, Pedro Castrortega and Ramón Masats.

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Exhibition of Picasso and the artists of his moment in the Foundation Picasso


There prepare itself to be visited an exhibition that really will be safe. The same one will begin today on May 15, and will culminate on October 5, and there will be carried out in the Foundation Picasso located in Square of the Favor 15, 29012, Malaga, Spain.

The above-mentioned exhibition treats on an impressive sample of works of art of a collector, and it was armed concerning the ambience that was surrounding Pablo Picasso in his epoch. There will appear works of the most famous artists of the last third of the XIXth century, up to the historical Picasso avant-gardes.

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Enormous auction in The suite of Chillida, Dalí, Looked, Palencia and Valdés

Next Saturday, the 26th of April, The Suite will auction in the meeting of 17:30 hs, an impressive lot of jewels, furniture and works of art. Between the last ones, we emphasize works of Chillida, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Palencia and Valdés.

Of Eduardo Chillida it will be finished off:
Barcelona I
Lot: 175
Signed to pencil and numbered P.A.
Measurements: 71×50 cm
Starting price: 1.500 EUR

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Ansorena will auction works of Palencia, It looked, Chillida and Team Chronicle

The house of auctions Ansorena will finish off next Monday, the 14th of April in his meeting of 19 hours, several lots of contemporary Spanish artists, between which we emphasize works of Benjamín Palencia, Joan Miró, Eduardo Chillida and Team Chronicle. Of Palencia we find the work:

Lot: 340
Ink watered down on role
Measurements: 42×27.5 cm
Starting price: 1.800 EUR

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Graphic work and oil of Benjamín Palencia to auction in Madrid

On April 14 the house Ansorena will celebrate an auction of very varied art, in which we emphasize two lots of the Spanish painter Benjamín Palencia. Inside the contemporary art category, Palencia enters the first meeting of the auction with the most beautiful graphic work and a minor oil.

Let's begin with Figures


Skill: Ink and gouache on role.
Measurements: 42 x 27,5 cm.
Starting price: 1.800 EUR

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“Woman with apple” of Benjamín Palencia to auction in Madrid

The room of Madrid Durán will auction on March 25, in his first meeting, a lot of the Spanish painter Benjamín Palencia at a price more than accessible. The auction will realize at 7 p.m. in Mountain 12.

Let's see the lot, it is a question of Woman with apple


Oil / pasteboard
29×24 cm
Signed “B Palencia”
Starting price: 950 euros

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Today 3 lots of Benjamín Palencia are auctioned in Madrid

The room Goya Subastas realizes today to the 19 an auction in which we emphasize 3 lots of the Spanish painter Benjamín Palencia.

Lady's portrait with pink garment


It dyes, lavis/papier
38×30 cm
Evaluation: EUR 1.500 – 2.000

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