Banksy vs Bristol Museum, exhibition of the artist of the grafitti

Banksy vs Bristol Museum is the title of the exhibition of our favorite artist, that you will be able to visit this summer in the British city.

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Banksy, Emin and Murakami in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's

On June 26 London celebrates the second meeting of the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby'sen. According to the seen, this second meeting contains the best and most innovative contemporary artists. Today we will see the lots of Banksy, Takashi Murakami and Tracey Emin who enter auction this meeting:

Troll's Umbrella, of Takashi Murakami


Soft steel, epoxi with fiberglass, painting and sand
235 x 140,2 x 140.2 cm
Executed in 2002, this work is the number 1 of an edition of 5
Starting price: 141.000 – 212.000 €

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Stencils of Banksy in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's

Banksy also is present in the contemporary art auction of February 6 in Sotheby's London with 3 works of street art:

Children on weapon

Acrylic and spray stencil on linen
50,8 x 50,8 cm
Signed “2003 ″ and numbered 5/25
Starting price: 22.600 – 33.900 euros

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The Banksy grafitti settles in New York

Banksy has left England to penetrate into the American ground: The United States. Some of his grafittis they can already see in New Orleans and New York, only this week we speak about the shops of sculptures – pets that it has in Greenewich Village.

Let's see some of the grafittis with whom American has conquered the streets the grafittero, which entered the list of the 63 most influential persons of the art.

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Pets - meals of Bansky to exhibition in New York

White rabbit

The new project of street art of Banksy is called The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill, a curious shop in which you can observe pets done with meal.

The shop window of this exhibition - installation shows us sculptures that they reproduce to domestic pets realized with meal and diverse materials. The target is to question the American society from 2 typical elements: his passion for the pets and his (deficient) feeding.

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Will he be Robin Gunningham Banksy?

Again Banksy is a news again in the means of the whole world after his supposed identity is revealed by a photo of the British newspaper The Mail On Sunday.

Supposedly the mysterious grafitero is Robin Gunnigham, a 34-year-old Briton who was received 4 years by a photographer of the newspaper mentioned in Jamaica, as well as you see it in the image of above: with a spray in the hand.

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6 only works of Banksy in the auction of contemporary art of Christie`s

On July 1 Christie's will celebrate a big auction of summer contemporary art, in which we emphasize 6 Banksy lots, 4 of these lots are the only pieces that enter for the first time public auctions. Let's see the pieces:

The love is in the air


stencilled 'Banksy' (low right)
acrylic and enamel spray on linen
53 x 45.6cm
Executed in 2002, this work is only in this format
Starting price: 50.400 – 75.600 EUR

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Street art and works of Banksy

A marvelous video that it compiles some of the most political and critical grafitis of the work of Banksy. The power of the street art is not in the beauty canon, but in the situation of public dialogue that the one that enters with his environment.

In the end there are seen some works of other artists (obviously they do not belong to Bansky because although they differ very much in the esthetics) who are not renowned: the pieces make alike reupdates of classic pictures with daily elements of our contemporaneity. Five minutes of images that really cost to lose.

Banksy and the grafiteros of the world exhibit in a tunnel of London


Work of Bansky

The advance of the first big exhibition of grafiti summoned by Banksy ran like water during last weekend. And it is not for less because it is the first big event after the sample that he organized in 2005. Now there will be neither dead rats nor broken famous pictures, but a railroad tunnel full of grafitis of grafiteros of the whole world.

40 street artists of Argentina, the United States, Norway and the United Kingdom, for naming some, have given themselves appointment for an event where there will turn out to be great canister, brushes and aerosols. The place: the tunnel of the train of the line Eurostar, which connects London with the European continent.

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Urban art against the War


Work of Bansky

Published this year in Barcelona, the book “Urban Art against the War” of Eleanor Mathieson, is a spectacular book where the most finished works collection appears against the War of Iraq.

Artists of the size of Bansky, Shepard Fairey, Dolk, Blek le Rat and many other they are compiled in this book, where the Urban Art appears on this topic in several countries of the world, like England, Spain, Australia and Germany between others.

His cost is to 24.90 EUR (U$D 43.50), it possesses 160 pages with the illustrations most emphasized from the mentioned authors and it is possible to find available in any bookstore.

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