Autumn exhibitions in Madrid


Peoplés Theatre in Niteroi, of Oscar Niemeyer

To almost a month of the summer end, we bring over to you an advance of the calendar of autumn exhibitions in Madrid. The advance includes the principal museums and rooms of exhibition of the city, which we will be updating opportunely.

Prado Museum

  • Retrospective of Juan Bautisma Maíno: opening on October 20 with 35 works of the artists and paintings of the Spanish and Italian contemporary artists.

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Moments of Scenery 09: I compete of audio-visual of the CDAN

moments scenery

The Center of Art and Nature (CDAN) of the Foundation Beulas invites to take part of the second edition of his contest of audioviduales pieces, Moments of Scenery 09. The call takes as a target the diffusion of the idea of the scenery and the creation across audio-visual means.

The contest is opened to all the interested persons and the term for the delivery of the works wins next September 30. The requisites of the videos are:

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IV contest of Visual arts against the Violence of Genre


Ángel Soler Gollonet, 1st Award 2008

I It Donates and the Commission of Employment and of the Woman of Madrid they invite to take part of IV Contest of Visual arts against the Violence of Genre, an initiative from the art to fight against the violence towards the woman.

The artists can take part in two audio-visual forms: cartelería and video, both that tackle aspects of the struggles against the genre violence. There will be able to take part of this contest professional artists and students of Design, Fine arts, Architecture, Audio-visual Communication and Publicity. The term for the delivery of the works finishes next October 10.

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Art Basel: the contemporary art fair begins


From June 10 until June 14 we will have the new edition of Art Basel, the biggest fair of the contemporary art that is celebrated in Basel. This year one will be able to see 300 galleries leaders of North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

More than 2.500 artists, that photos go from the big teachers of the modern art to the last generation of emergent stars, with works in painting, sculpture, drawing, facilities, vídeoarte and multidisciplinary works.

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XXX contest of Contemporary art City of Utrera

Until the next April 30 you have time to send works to XXX National Contest of Contemporary art “City of Utrera”, summoned by the Delegation of Culture of the Town hall of Utrera.

National or foreign artists can take part, with skill free and topic, with a format not superior to 2 meters for none of his sides of the paintings. In case of sculptures his base neither will be able to overcome 100 cm for any of his sides, nor will overcome 200 cm high, including stand or base, and will not weigh any more than 50 Kgr. Every participant will be able to compete with a maximum of three works.

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Digital-Lab, call for production of electronic and digital projects

Labor Center of Art and Industrial Creation they invite the interested artists to take part of Digital-Lab, initiative of the program of the project office and it consists of the production of a project of digital or electronic art.

The subject-matter and support are free. The works will have to present a reflection about the challenges which the society of the communication faces; the digital divide and the new discriminations generated by the new technologies or the problems between physical and virtual world. The call closes on May 15.

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Contemporary art in Arch 2009

Boatman's sculpture

In walk along Arch 2009, he is sick to some contemporary artists that we follow in Artespain. Here the works and consecrated artists of the Spanish ambience, like Antoni Tàpies, Jaume Plensa, Eduardo Chillida y Miquel Barceló.

Of the international ambience, a fabulous sculpture of Fernando Botero, the most recognized Colombian artist on a global scale. I hope that you should like this works selection.

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Art of India in ARCH 2009

Mirror, 2007, photo of Julia Fullerton
Artists of the gallery Dark Chamber

Officially inaugurated Arch is 2009 for all the public, with India like invited country and the bogey of the crisis, to which it is possible to face from the contemporary art.

Let's see a little more thoroughly that it offers us the art of the India. Beyond the influence of the contemporary art of the India on his local market, almost we have seen nothing on a global scale and Arch 2009 will show us some of the youngest and promising artists:

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II marathon of Rapid Painting 2009

On July 11 and 12 next Marathon of Rapid Painting will take place the IInd 2009 in the Castle of Quermançó de Vilajuïga and the Castle of San Fernando of Figueres of Girona.

The call is for artists that they can do up to a maximum of 2 works (1 for every castle), which will be realized in situ, in cloths or supports that will have a maximum of 50 F and to only one color, with free skill. The winners will receive awards between 600 and 400 euros.

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Saatchi's Best Of British, reality of contemporary artists

The contemporary art has succumbed to the fashion of the realities and the chain BBC2 will be whom there will express Saatchi's Best Of British, an artists' reality to find the new star of the British contemporary art.

The thing me sounds very very commercially, but we go that in the vineyard of the gentleman there is for everything. The case is that reality is impelled by it by the businessman of art Charles Saatachi, who has been able to turn into gold Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.

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