The carnations: new artists of Seville

It is very difficult to know what is again in the contemporary art, especially when we speak about the Spanish art, because generally the artists become acquaintances after certain trajectory and little and we know nothing of his beginnings.

Really for this reason there seemed interesting to me this project called The Carnations, which is a proposal that assembles artists and born new creators in Seville. In the video they will be able to see the works presented in the exhibition of 2008, under the title The Carnations. An approach to the young painters of Seville. This sample took place in the Foundation Chirivella Soriano of Valencia and it was assembling approximately 50 works of young artists.

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Exhibition of contemporary Galician art in Foundation Rosón Arte Contemporáneo

menchu muds

Work of Menchu Lamas

Galician contemporary art is the explanatory proposal that you will be able to visit this summer in the Foundation Rosón Arte Contemporáneo (RAC) in Pontevedra.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures and facilities for contemporary Galician artists in the last 30 years. Between the artists that you will be able to see there are José Freixanes, Menchu Lamas, Antonio Murado, Alberto Datas, Leopoldo Novoa, Francisco Leiro, Vari Carames, Vicente Blanco and Sofía Jack.

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Geometry and graphic symbol, exhibition Spanish art in Room Martínez Guerricabeitia


Work of Salvador Soria, Without title 1978

Geometries is the title of the collective exhibition that assembles Spanish artists (especially Valencian) and you can visit in the Room Martínez Guerricabeitia, of Valencia.

What will we be able to see? The sample composes of 30 works in which the allusions to the geometric abstraccionismo are present, whose essential parts are the line, the geometric and simple forms. Some of the artists that you will be able are Eusebio Sempere, Joaquín Michavila, Teixidor, Antoni Tàpies, Yturralde or Arcadi Blasco.

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Conferences, exhibition of Spanish contemporary art in Foundation Josep Suñol

Coloquios is the title of the exhibition of Spanish contemporary art that assembles 24 works of the collection of the Foundation Josep Suñol.

The idea of the sample is to oppose the works of the Spanish contemporary artists to invite to the reflection on the ways of representation, topics and contexts of the contemporary art.

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Olividar to Rodin?, exhibition of sculptures in Foundation Mapfre

Auguste Rodin returns to the rooms of the Foundation Mapfre with the exhibition: To forget Rodin? Sculpture in Paris 1905-1914, which you will be able to visit until September 13.

What will we be able to see? A set of works assembles the sample in artists' sculptures that have been inspired in the Rodin language, be already like a continuity or a rupture. More than 25 artists of the beginning of the XXth century do honor to Rodin, between them the Spanish Julio Gónzalez, Pablo Picasso, Joseph Clará, Pablo Gargallo and Manuel Hugué “Manolo“.

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Unformalism, artistic movement

Mesalina, 1959, Antonio Saura

The unformalism is an artistic movement that arose in Europe in the middle of the 40s, like answer to the rigid tendencies of the cubism and the geometric abstraccionismo. The unformalist language was an abstract language in which it was giving priority to the materials as fundamental elements of the work.

The unformalism must be understood like an extended expression of the abstract art and his tendency has yielded fruits in other art styles like the tachonismo and the art espacialista. The unformalist artist is interested in is to explore the expressiveness of the matter.

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International contest of Painting Homage to Rafael Zabaleta

Work of Rafael Zabaleta

The Community of Andalusia invites Spanish and foreign artists to inform of XXXIX International Contest of Painting Homage to Rafael Zabaleta. You work it there will have to be paintings and his term of presentation wins next July 23.

The contest will be provided with 3 awards: the first so called "Rafael Zabaleta", with badge and 7.000 € in cash; the second one, “Nobleman of Caviedes”, with badge and 3.500 €, and the third one, “José Luis Verdes de la Riva“, with badge and 1.500 €.

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Big spring auction in Fernando Durán

On April 1 and 2 the auction house Fernando Durán will realize the Big spring Auction in which you will be able to find jewels, furnitures, objects of decoration, painting, graphic work and sculpture of Spanish and international artists, with a whole of 943 pieces.

Today will see some of the Spanish contemporary artists with his most out-standing lots:


Etching signed and numbered H.C. 11/15 to pencil
Measurements: 34 x 43 cm
Starting price: 450 €

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López, Palencia and Capulletti in the auction of Spanish art of Segre

On March 24 the room Segre celebrates an auction of Spanish art with excellent lots of contemporary art, classic art and art of postwar period. Today we will detail the lots of Antonio López García, Banjamín Palencia and José Maria Capulletti.

Amusement park of Palencia

Oil on táblex
Measurements: 35 x 26 cm
Signed and dated 1949
Starting price: 9.500 €

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Saura x Saura, photographic journal of Carlos Saura

Saura x Saura is the title of the book that assembles the photos that Carlos Saura removed of his brother, the Spanish artist Antonio Saura from 1947 until 1998, moment of Antonio's death.

The book contains 120 photos that artists report in image key the relation of these brothers, both in intimate moments and in his moment professionals.

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