To live without destroying, exhibition of Pello Irazu in San Sebastian


To live without destroying is the title of the exhibition of the Spanish contemporary artist Pello Irazu, that you will be able to visit this summer in Koldo Mitxelena of San Sebastian.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of diverse works: sculptures and constructive drawings, along with photographic spaces, you photograph with painting and sculptures realized in smelting of bronze and aluminum. These works represent the production of last 4 years of the artist.

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He interviews Antonio López García

Almost by chance I have met on this interview to Antonio López García, the Spanish artist that more I like, so much for his attitude before the art as for his hyperrealistic painting.

Antonio López García speaks to us about what it moves to the art from his birth, how it does his artistic work, the importance of the urban scenery, the need to take Spain as a topic of the Spanish painting. He speaks about Velázquez and Bacon, with very unlike opinions, in that you can or not to agree.

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The póetica of the role, exhibition of Eduardo Chillida in Paraguay


The poetic art of the role is the title of the exhibition of the Spanish contemporary artist, Eduardo Chillida, which they will be able to see for the first time the public of the Paraguay in exhibition in the rooms of the Cultural center of Spain Juan de Salazar of Asunción.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by a score of works of Chillida, produced in role like the principal support, printing engravings, gravitations and drawings.

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Images of the exhibition of Juan Uslé in gallery Soledad Lorenzo

Malatadas was the title of the exhibition of the work of Juan Uslé that Soledad Lorenzo of Madrid exhibited until June 11 in the gallery.

The pictures keep the essential elements of this contemporary Spanish artist, like the line and the color. If you could not have gone, in this video you will be able to see a trip for the works of the exhibition.

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Dream, sculpture of Jaume Plensa in St Helens


Photos: Mark Payne

Dream (Sleep) is the new work of Jaume Plensa, realized for take care Briton of St Helens, inside the program big project of the art.

The sculpture was inaugurated on Sunday and it is 20 meters high. It is like the head of a Zen woman with features, which neck and head stretched like the women of Modigliani, are erected in target in a trees park. Dream weighs approximately 500 tons of concrete and it is the homage to the sleep of the miners and workers of the city, since it is located in the ancient dump of Manor Colliery Sutton.

The cost of the sculpture of Plensa was 1,9 million pounds sterling and from today it hopes to be the icon of St Helens.

Images of the opening: Mark Payne

Manolo Valdés and Team Chronicle

First the Team Chronicle and then Manolo Valdés as artist alone, they have been some of the more fruitful exponents of the Spanish contemporary art of last times.

From the memory there comes to us across the video the critique of what was the anthological exhibition of Manolo Valdés in Institute of Modern art of Valencia in 1996, which celebrated 15 years of Valdés like solitary artist, after the Chronic Team dissolution.

In addition to the detail of some works, the valuable of this video there are Valdés's words, his way of doing art, the memories of his life and his history of Team Chronicle.

“Menu of a testament”, I free of the memoirs of Eduardo Arroyo

Menu of a testament is the new book that you can acquire and it assembles the written memoirs of the Spanish artist Eduardo Arroyo.

Edited by Taurus, Menu of a testament is a piece for those who think about how to know the thought and the Creek history, where to find a lot of irony, sarcasm and an intelligent criticism of the contemporary art and the Spanish institutions.

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Luis Gordillo, essential Spanish contemporary artist

Thanks to the pleasant intervention of Lemag (reader of the blog), I remembered Luis Gordillo, contemporary Spanish artist, that for the negligence stayed out of the list of essential Spanish artists.

The reader reminded the Gordillo importance to me in the 80s, with the abstract art and the coldness of his palette. But only 2 years ago behind, Gordillo we surprised again with the retrospective Tropical Iceberg, in that it opened in painting the warmth and the cold, like metaphors of the world that surrounds us, and a marvelous review to his creative production.

Here the video of this exhibition of 2007 and the words of the proper Gordillo, which officiated as commissioner of his sample.

Thanks to Lemag for so tall artist remembers me!

Exhibition of sculptures of Jaume Plensa in Moscow

On March 15 the Muscovite gallery Diehl exhibits in his rooms the first individual exhibition of Jaume Plensa in Moscow.

What will we be able to see? The sample composes of 7 sculptures of the series The heart of the trees, more works in role. Also in the square opposite to the Hotel Hyatt there will be exhibited a 8 meters high sculpture covered by Cyrillic signs.

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