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Mona Lisa painted with hamburgers

As he says the famous saying, in the kingdom of the Gentleman there is for quite, and this curious artist has found a more kind use for the fat of the hamburgers.

Phil Hansen is the name of this artist who uses the fat of the hamburgers to paint pictures, in this video you will see the process of painting of the portrait of Mona Lisa. If we speak about mixed skill, since this is a quite curious use of the eaten scrap, since the hamburgers are used which cinder or crayons acuarelados.

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Museum of the Oil and web of Carbonell

Carbonell, company 100 % Spaniard and world leader in production and distribution of olive oil, who has given a draft to his web page to turn into the place of reference to the lovers of the oil and to promote his shop online, with products that you will be able only to find in and at an incomparable price.

In the new Carbonell web you will find the best olive tourist routes - a trip for the emblematic places of the olive tree and the oil in Spain - to know his Museum of the Oil and even to learn to realize oil tastings, using the star of tasting that Carbonell has developed so that the lovers of the oil learn to appreciate the differences and tones of his oils.

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It discovers Literary Madrid

Street of the Gardens in the Quarter of the Muses

Madrid without doubts is the capital of the Spanish culture, where you can find a wide variety of cultural routes in your trip.

Today we will give special attention to the route of Literary Madrid, with the corners of the city that have been a cradle of the letters and the writers who have printed his life on letters. It is Madrid of Lope de Vega, Cervantes, Quevedo, Góngora, Tirso de Molina and Caldron of the Boat, some of the big pens of the Century of Spanish Gold.

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VII award of Painting Iberdrola – University Miguel Hernández

Iberdrola and the University Miguel Hernández invite the Spanish or resident artists in the country to inform of VII Award of Painting Iberdrola – University Miguel Hernández, provided with 6.000 € for the first award and a second prize of 2.500 €.

The term for the delivery of the works finishes on March 31, with freedom of subject-matter, style, skills, supports and procedures. The work must be unpublished and not have taken part in no contest, the artists will take part with 1 only work each one.

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Exhibition of collages of Max Ernst in Foundation Mapfre

Down the title Joins Semaine de Bonte. Original collages you can visit in the rooms of the Foundation Mapfre of Madrid the sample of the German artist, Max Ernst.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition consists of the collages realized by Ernst for the novel - collage week of kindness or seven cardinal elements. In entire sound approximately 182 collages that the artist realized in 3 weeks of intense work for this piece.

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Exhibition of Victorian painting in the Prado Museum

The ardent June sun. Frederic, Lord Leighton

Oil on linen, 119 x 119 cm. Saint John of Puerto Rico, Art museum of Ponce

The beautiful sleeping one. Victorian painting of Art of Ponce is the title of the exhibition on Victorian painting that you will be able to visit in the Prado Museum.

What will we be able to see? The sample is composed by 17 works, between which 10 paintings and 7 studies are counted on role of the English painting of the XIXth century. Also oils of John E will be exhibited. Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Thomas Seddon and William Holman Hunt proceeding from the Art museum of Ponce of Puerto Rico.

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Workshop of Movies in the EACC of Castellón

Espai d'Arte Contemporani de Castellón (EACC) invites to take part of the Workshop of Movies that will be realized by the coordination of the film maker Catarina Alves Costa. She is licensed in Social Anthropology. From 1997 it gives classes of Visual Anthropology and Ethnographic Movies in the Department of Anthropology of the faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon.

The workshop will center on the aspects related to the anthropological and ethnographic movies. The term for inscription is March 20, the value of the participation is 30 euros, with squares for 15 assistants.

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Sculptures of Rodin in the walk of the Meadow

Photo: Cristobal Manuel - The Country

From Saturday, the square of access to the CaixaForum in the walk of the Meadow is the stage for the exhibition of sculptures of Rodin.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of the sculptures 12 thinkers who melted from the piece The thinker, along with 6 sculptures of the series The bourgeoises of Calais. The amazing thing the visit is to these figures located outdoors.

The history: The thinkers' pieces arose from 1880, when the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris Rodin entrusted a piece for the door, this way there was born The door of the hell, work that never concluded, but that gave birth to his most famous work, The thinker. The series of The bourgeoises of Calais was an order of 1884, inspired in the War of Hundred Years of the English king Eduardo III and that paints the portrait of 6 heroes.

Art, comedy in the Theater Citadel

The publicity board of the Theater Citadel of Madrid offers us a curious stage play: it is a question of Art, a work written by Yasmina Reza and directed by Eduardo Recabarren.

Art is a comedy that is provided with the performance of Luis Merlo, Iñaki Miramón and Alex O'Dogherty, where across the laugh, the personages will go uncovering in his complexity and banality. The action turns about the buy of a work of art and it is the desencadenante of situations not kind at all between the personages.

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Exhibition of sculptures of Jaume Plensa in Moscow

On March 15 the Muscovite gallery Diehl exhibits in his rooms the first individual exhibition of Jaume Plensa in Moscow.

What will we be able to see? The sample composes of 7 sculptures of the series The heart of the trees, more works in role. Also in the square opposite to the Hotel Hyatt there will be exhibited a 8 meters high sculpture covered by Cyrillic signs.

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