Engravings of Antoni Clavé in the auction of Blanchet and Associes

The Parisian room Blanchet and Associes will realize on September 18 an auction of contemporary art in which we will be able to see three lots of one of our favorite Spanish artists: Antoni Clavé.

The Clavé lots in this auction are recorded in mixed skill, really exquisite:

Him concert agréable

Him concert agréable

Skill: Engraving with colors cinders
Distinctive marks: 20/65 signed
Starting price: 400 to 500 €

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Images of Archipíelago, exhibition of Luis Gordillo in gallery The Black Box

rational native

Rational – Natural
100 x 70 cm

Archipelago is the title of the exhibition of the Spanish contemporary artist Luis Gordillo who inaugurates on September 17 in gallery The Black Box Editions.

Here will see some of 12 serigraphies that this new series of Gordillo shapes, where to worked a skill of 20 screens of color on every composition, creating images as chromatic as beautiful.

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Amaya Muzzle gained the golden Medal in sculpture in the International Exhibition of Plastic Arts


Our young favorite Spanish artist, Amaya Bozal, has been rewarded in July with the golden Medal in LXX Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Valdepeñas by his work sculptural Set, in the category sculpture.

Sculptural set consists of three heads, two in bronze with different patinas and one of mud retractario, placed on wooden beams of the XIXth century treated for his conservation.

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Miquel Barceló and the Spanish pavilion in the Biennial one of Venice

Finally we will be able to see something of the Spanish pavilion of the Biennial one of Venice, which representative in this edition is neither more nor less than the most mentioned contemporary artist of Spain: Miquel Barceló.

For this one 53rd edition of Venice, Barceló has gone a little of everything of his work: they will be able to see his ceramics of big format, paintings of the series of Africa and projections of the performance Double Step. The commissioner of the pavilion is Enrique Juncosa.

We remember that the Biennial one of Venice 2009 will have his doors open until next November 22, so you have time to visit the work of Barceló in the Spanish pavilion.

The carnations: new artists of Seville

It is very difficult to know what is again in the contemporary art, especially when we speak about the Spanish art, because generally the artists become acquaintances after certain trajectory and little and we know nothing of his beginnings.

Really for this reason there seemed interesting to me this project called The Carnations, which is a proposal that assembles artists and born new creators in Seville. In the video they will be able to see the works presented in the exhibition of 2008, under the title The Carnations. An approach to the young painters of Seville. This sample took place in the Foundation Chirivella Soriano of Valencia and it was assembling approximately 50 works of young artists.

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What does think the public of the work of Luis Gordillo?

Small question that gathers in this video the different impressions of the public about the work of the Spanish contemporary artist Luis Gordillo.

The interpretations as open as diverse and the value of this fragment of the program of TV 1001 Nights, where they submit to the look of the public the author, the best criticism and the most sharp.

Let's remember that the opinions diversity about the work of Gordillo is proper of the impressions that there wakes up the abstract art, which is opened for interpretations, sometimes opposing, sometimes docile. The spiritual thing, the exploration with the matter, the sexual thing and the language are the elements with which they all coincide at the moment of stopping the look opposite to a Gordillo.

Exhibition of contemporary Galician art in Foundation Rosón Arte Contemporáneo

menchu muds

Work of Menchu Lamas

Galician contemporary art is the explanatory proposal that you will be able to visit this summer in the Foundation Rosón Arte Contemporáneo (RAC) in Pontevedra.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures and facilities for contemporary Galician artists in the last 30 years. Between the artists that you will be able to see there are José Freixanes, Menchu Lamas, Antonio Murado, Alberto Datas, Leopoldo Novoa, Francisco Leiro, Vari Carames, Vicente Blanco and Sofía Jack.

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Antonio López García sings in The Sun of the Quince


Since you know, The Sun of the Quince is not the only one I fit of Antonio López García, but also a movie of Víctor Erice, inspired by López's painting.

In this video, the sequence in which the Spanish contemporary artist sings along with Enrique Gran. The idea of the movie is simple: to register the painting process to the native of a quince, in full maturation of his fruits.

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Plastic homage to the poet Aleixandre

Genoese rains

"It" 'rains' (2009), of Juan Genovés

25 years after the death of the poet Aleixandre this homage of the art comes: 25 artists, 25 poems, 25 years without Vicente Aleixandre, collective exhibition that you will be able to visit in Miraflores of the Saw of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? As his title announces it, there are 25 works that paint the portrait in plastic language of the Aleixandre poems. Between some of the present Spanish artists there are Juan Genovés, Luis Gordillo, Ciria, Manolo Quejido, Enrique Brinkmann, between others.

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Works of Susy Gómez

Until June we had in CAC of Malaga, the exhibition of Susy Gómez, one of the most interesting Spanish contemporary artists.

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