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New York as Zugiaba, exhibition of photos in EFTI

new york 1

The Center of Image EFTI of Madrid offers us in the frame of the Week of the Architecture the exhibition of photos about New York of the Spanish photographer Alfonso Zubiaga.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 14 photos of big format of the 24 that compose the series New York of the photographer of Bilbao. The Zubiaga skill is to work from the real photo of the scenery of the city, desconstruyéndola across the digital manipulation.

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I study Mornings of Art: Architectures for cities of CaixaForum Madrid


The course in the Mornings of Art: Arquitecturas for cities is a proposal of CaixaForum Madrid to know the steps of the architecture in the social and cultural environment.

The course will be dictated by José Ballesteros, architect and publisher of the magazine Passages of Architecture and Criticism. It is directed for students, professionals and public in general interested in the architecture. The course begins next September 23.

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Exhibition of sketches of Norman Foster in Ivorypress Art+Book

bridge tamesis

Bridge on the Thames

Norman Foster. Drawings 1958-2008 is the title of the exhibition of the sketches and drawings of the works of the winning architect of the Award the Prince of Asturias 2009, which you will be able to visit in space Ivorypress Art+Book of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles almost 50 years of production and almost of 200 sketches that document the beginning of his architectural works for the world.

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Retrospective of Richard Rogers in CaixaForum Madrid

The first retrospective of the architectural work of Richard Rogers in Spain you will be able to see until next October 18 in CaixaForum Madrid.

The sample is a wide trip for the architecture of Rogers, catalogued like the humanist architect, for his belief in the civil society and his relation with the space like construction for social inclusion.

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Contemporary art in Biennial 53 of Venice

the diver

The diver, 2004, of Jumana Emil Abboud in the central exhibition

The 53rd Biennial one of Venice, under the title to Do Worlds, is a good destination option for these holidays because it is the most important appointment of the international contemporary art.

In this edition there is a special emphasis on works of contemporary art on painting and drawing, in contrast to the edition in those who existed great work in videoarte and facilities. Let's see the pavilions in which this international exhibition of contemporary art is structured:

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Christo and Jeanne-Claude in exhibition in the Museum Würth La Rioja

her - mastaba-emiratos-arabes-unidos

Abu Dhabi Mastaba
I plan for United Arab Emirates
I draw 1977, 71 X 56 cm
Pencil, coal, crayon, cake
Photo: Wolfgang Volz ©1977 Christo

On July 24 the Museum Würth La Rioja will inaugurate a retrospective of artistic couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

What will we be able to see? The sample will do a trip for the production of Christo and Jeanne-Claude from his beginnings until today, with sketches, documentaries, drawings and collages the projects in Paris, Berlin, New York and the current work in Emirates United Arab Emirates.

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Norman Foster: Prince rewarded Asturias Arts 2009

Norman Foster is the British architect that the Prince of Asturias gained this year the Award to the Arts. Although the communication was in May, it is never late to know about what goes the work of this artist of the courtesy, which is known like “the arquiecto of the global age”, for his vision actualísima of the contemporary architecture.

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Peter Zumthor gains the Award Pritzker 2009 in architecture

Sight of the thermal baths of Waltz

The Award Pritzker is considered to be the nobel of the architecture and this year the award has relapsed on the Swiss architect, Peter Zumthor. It is provided with 75.000 €, which will be delivered on May 29 in Argentina.

Zumthor has 30 years of trajectory in architecture and big part of his works is in the Swiss canton of Grisons, place in which he has lived for ages. Between his emblematic works one finds the thermal Waltz baths, a luxurious structure that was inaugurated in 1996, after 10 years of work.

According to words of Thomas J. Pritzker, president of the Foundation Hyatt (person in charge of delivering the award), the architectural work of Zumthor stands out for combining “a playful and rigorous thought with a poetical dimension“.

Source of fire of Yves Klein in the Museum Guggenheim Bilbao

The collection of the Museum Guggenheim Bilbao is provided with one of the works of the French artist Yves Klein, Source of Fire. The work is located in the patio on pond that it emerges on laugh and it represents to two contradictory elements: the water and the fire.

The work belongs to the series of sources of fire that Klein presented in the retrospective of 1961 in the German Haus-Lange museum, under the Monochrome title and fire.

Klein he had thought this work initially for the square of the museum of Krefeld like a set of marked out ponds of water of walls and sculptures of fire, but finally Bilbao managed to materialize in the space of the Guggenheim.

Retrospective of the architecture of Richard Rogers in Barcelona

The CaixaForum of Barcelona offers us the first Spanish retrospective of the work of the British architect Richard Rogers.

What will we be able to see? The sample composes mock-ups, planes, videos, and materials of the architectural works most representative of the career of Rogers, like the terminal of T-4 of Cards, the reshaping of the bullring of the Sand, the bridge of Expo Saragossa, the hotel L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, all pieces created for Spain.

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