Arch 2009 and his closing balance sheet

Arch 2009 closed his doors with a positive balance for his organizers, although the numbers of the collected were not revealed, said that they have been good, like more bought works of low price and more buyers.

Arch 2009 closed with 200.000 persons who visited the fair of contemporary art and the announcement of Los Angeles as the guest for the next edition. Works have sold for an average of between 300.000 at 100.000 euros, with some high sales at institutions and museums.

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More contemporary art in Arch 2009

Mirror, of Julia Fullerton-Batten

Without doubts, beyond the crisis, a contemporary art fair is always a safe occasion to enjoy the art, because it turns out to be great and of good quality.

If you could not have gone to Arch 2009, here we offer you a paneo of the artists that more we liked of this edition, like the photo of Julia Fullerton - Batten (that illustrates this note), that there was in the stand of the gallery Dark Chamber, which there exhibited big artists as Ellen Kooi (our favorite) and Carlos Cid.

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Art of India in ARCH 2009

Mirror, 2007, photo of Julia Fullerton
Artists of the gallery Dark Chamber

Officially inaugurated Arch is 2009 for all the public, with India like invited country and the bogey of the crisis, to which it is possible to face from the contemporary art.

Let's see a little more thoroughly that it offers us the art of the India. Beyond the influence of the contemporary art of the India on his local market, almost we have seen nothing on a global scale and Arch 2009 will show us some of the youngest and promising artists:

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Arch 2009: works of art you cover with stars to auction

Study from the Human Body of Francis Bacon

Yesterday Arch 2009 opened his doors to the expert public, like collectors, press, authorities and businessmen, all of them with the hope to find contemporary art at good prices in crisis times. Today it will be the big opening.

Here an advance of the big works and artists, national and international, that you will be able to see in Arch 2009, and if the pocket allows it to you, to buy them:

  • Study from the Human Body of Francis Bacon
    I boast: 15.700.00 euros
  • Big Nude (1959) of Antonio Saura
    I boast 900.000 euros
  • Victory Over Death of Damien Hirst, price to request in the gallery
  • Works of videoarte of Bill Viola, catalog of works to request in the gallery

Arch 2009 begins already

Work of the series Systematic Citizen, of the Indian artist Riyas Komu,

that will be present in ARCH

From February 11 until February 19 we will have the new edition of the fair of Spanish international contemporary art, Arco 2009. With the bogey of the crisis, less galleries and invited countries, Arco 09 will set in shop window from the avant-garde art up to the new tendencies of the contemporary art.

In whole we will have 238 galleries of 32 countries, 79 of Spanish them and with India like the invited country, with the exhibition of the work of 50 artists. The mitigation for Arch 09 will be the presence of artists dedicated like Francis Bacon, Bill Viola, Miquel Barceló and Damien Hirst.

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I walk along Arch, fair of international contemporary art

Moving forward a little what will be an Arch 2009, we offer this walk along videos of curiosities of the previous editions.

How do you see, the first video takes as a reporter a very curious child who wants to take the objects of those who are done the works of contemporary art, perhaps for the peque be only objects, no? Much entertained the walk of the dwarf, who finds friendship with some works.
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Arch 2009 faces the crisis

The biggest fair of contemporary art of our country, Arch, will face him the economic crisis with a very important fall in the number of galleries that they inform. Arch 2009 has date for his development between February 11 and 16, in the IFEMA property.

In the edition 2009 of Arch only 250 exhibitors will take part, counting with them the projects commissions, while the edition of the previous year belonged to 270 gallery owners. The fear that it floods to Arch 2009 is marked by the fall on the market of the art, on the information of Sotheby's and Christie's, which they close economic there met 17 % less of yields.

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What the wind took in ARCH 2008


Marco Paulo Rollo in his performance. Photo: GORKA LEJARCEGI

The previous edition ARCH was marked by a discussion if many of the works that were exhibited it had or not the height to be called works of art. This edition was marked by the bogey of the economic recession.

This pitfall was saved according to the organizers and there managed to be equal the sales of the past edition, where the sales increased in 15 %. Sincerely I am interested in that we revise some of the pieces of conceptual art that were seen and bought, in addition to the accessions list of the most important institutions of Spain, which took contemporary art for his collections.

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Cuban art in ARCH 2008

How they will suspect I like very much the cultural diversity of the art, especially in remote points from which we do not take so much information as Cuba. Here a small video of the space of the Cuban gallery The Large house and the works of the Cuban artists exhibited in ARCH 2008.

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Murray, the hyperrealistic sculpture that is never missing to ARCH


Murray consulted by the critics.


The fair ARCH causes all kinds of passions and hates, but especially it is also a space to create imaginary, as it shows us this inevitable visit to every appointment to the international shop window of the contemporary art. We are speaking about Murray, the hyperrealistic sculpture of a Canadian model that is present, this time only of bust and with some years more than they demonstrate in his faces. Murray is a sculpture to the best style of the magnificent works of Ron Mueck, realized by sculptor Evan Peny.

If the fair bores you or you need partner to share your impressions, good you can go to chat with Murray, who must be an expert on the subject of contemporary art, since this is one of his so many editions of ARCH.

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