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He bets that Iker does not score goal in the Real Villarreal vs Madrid

real madrid vs villarreal

Do you cheer up? The bet in the Show Top Games of today will be white hot: they return you half of your bet if you lose, but Real Madrid wins and Iker Casillas is not the person in charge of the goal. he will return you half of your bet if you lose and are right in this risky prognosis, up to 50 % of your bets and this promotion it is valid for the users of Spain, Central America and South America.

This night at 20 a.m. hs is the meeting between the Real Villarreal vs Madrid, which promises emotion and money to those who should realize his sports bets in He remembers that if you are one of the lucky ones, the money will pay to your account in the space of 48 hs of finished the party.

He bets in the top games show of

etoo it has opened a new promotion for the fanatics of the sports bets in the show of top games, where special bets are celebrated in the elected sports.

The top games show rewards bets for the parties in the Night of Champions in San Siro, where they pay the double of your bet if Ibrahimovic scores goal opposite to Inter de Etoo. The promotion is valid for users of Spain, South America and Central America.

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