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Begawin.com has opened a new promotion for the fanatics of the sports bets in the show of top games, where special bets are celebrated in the elected sports.

The top games show rewards bets for the parties in the Night of Champions in San Siro, where they pay the double of your bet if Ibrahimovic scores goal opposite to Inter de Etoo. The promotion is valid for users of Spain, South America and Central America.

This promotion is valid for simple bets of 1×2 and the profit can come up to 25 €. An important fact: there are not born in mind the goals that Ibrahimovic scores of penalty, only there are paid those that it marks with his game and skill.

He lives through the passion of the night of the champions and prays so that Ibrahimovic marks thousands of goals.

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Published by monica kreibohm in Sponsored on September 14, 2009

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