López, Palencia and Capulletti in the auction of Spanish art of Segre

On March 24 the room Segre celebrates an auction of Spanish art with excellent lots of contemporary art, classic art and art of postwar period. Today we will detail the lots of Antonio López García, Banjamín Palencia and José Maria Capulletti.

Amusement park of Palencia

Oil on táblex
Measurements: 35 x 26 cm
Signed and dated 1949
Starting price: 9.500 €

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I walk along the retrospective of Antonio López in Boston

They will say that I have an obsession with the work of Antonio López and perhaps be in the true thing, but what happens the fact is that López me takes a fancy like these ancient artists, these big artists who do his work and not much more, because the humility and simplicity of his person, together with his art, are things of admiring in these times.

We have spoken much of him in this 2008 that happened, but it has been one year of big moments for Antonio López: first the retrospective in the Art museum of Boston, then Madrid from White Towers as the most expensive picture of a living Spanish artist.

For whom they have not seen or not it they have found out about this big artist and his work, here a small reportage of the exhibition in Boston and a walk along the principal works that were seen. Let's hope that in this 2009 podramos to see in Spain a sample so finishes of Antonio López, who by force of being wrong, is one of the Spanish artists somewhat forgotten in his ground. Also neither more nor less than the words of proper Antonio López to understand it to he and his art.

The best auctions of 2008

Madrid from White Towers, of Antonio López

Without doubts last months of this 2008, the auctions market suffered the consequences of the crisis, seeing his sales affected, so much in Spain as on a global scale.

But 2008 has been a long year and like all to had his pleasant surprises in auctions and now they go the best auction of 2008, according to Art Spain.

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Antonio López García, in The hour Chanante

One more video The hour Chanante in his parody of the most quoted Spanish painter: Antonio López García, somewhat delirious, certainly, and with the stellar performance of Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso.

For a few weekend laughs, with the whole respect to Antonio who is one of our best artists!

Study of two backs, of Antonio López in the auction of Spanish art Christie's

This is the last picture with which Antonio López García informs in the auction anniversary of Spanish art of Christie's Madrid.


Signed and dated áng. I center, inf: Antonio López García 1964
Pencil on pasteboard
39 x 55 cm
Identical with 1964
Origin: Gallery Juana Mordó, Madrid

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Exhibition Works Graph 10 The Country in gallery Marlborough

Persons and planes (2007) of Juan Genovés

The Gallery Marlborough and newspaper El Pais are the persons in charge of Graphic Work 10 of THE COUNTRY, exhibition that is inaugurated on September 11.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by a folder of 10 engravings, signed and numbered by Spanish artists of fame, realized for newspaper and with a limited edition of 100 copies.

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Works of Antonio Lopez García in the auction of Spanish art Christie's

Since it could not perform another form, the best quoted Spanish painter is present in the auction of Spanish art of Christie's Madrid with two marvelous pictures:


Signed left low angle: Antonio López García. Year 1960
Oil on linen
102 x 90 cm
Identical with 1960

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He interviews Antonio López: history of the work to come to the sculptures of Day and night

They will say that this recurrence is obsessive in me on the figure of Antonio López and I will have the justificatory one: I perceive it how a full, calm artist satisfied with his work, with a profile under which it fills it with the big aura about which Walter Benjamin was speaking.

In detail the process of work, meticulous and thought-out, of the trip of artistic production of the sculptures Day and night, the immense caebzas that represent two of his grandchildren and that we can enjoy at the Station of Antocha. Nothing better than the same Antonio to explain his work.

Advance of the auction V anniversary of Christiés Madrid

On October 2 the division of Madrid of Christie's celebrates his 5 years of life in the country with an auction that promises to mark milestones in the Spanish art. The lot covers with stars The Cat is Rosa de Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, whose estimation is placed between the 1,5 to 2 million euros.

The lots of this annual auction will be of ancient painting, painting of the XIXth century, impressionism and Spanish contemporary art.

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Representatives of the Spanish hyper-realism

I have breakfast with bun. 1975. Matíaas Quetglas.

I have breakfast with bun. 1975. Matías Quetglas.

As representatives of the Spanish hyper-realism we find a numerous group of authors who have devoted themselves to realize hyperrealistic works; authors who have realized hyperrealistic works without stopping realizing realistic works; and contemporary authors, young values or new promises inside the hyperrealistic production.

The Spanish hyper-realism is provided with a big number of consecrated authors. The School of Seville is represented by Juan Bautista Nieto, Cristóbal Toral and Eduardo Naranjo; and the School of Madrid, for Antonio López, Enrique Jiménez Carrero, Elizabeth Quintanilla, and Matías Quetglas.

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