Gallery of pictures of Amaya Bozal


Belly II, 2003
Oil, I revoke of lime on linen, incisions
30 x 30 cm

More than once we have said that Amaya Bozal is one of the clearest promises of the Spanish contemporary art. There turns out to be exquisite to us the work of this painter of Madrid, who is refused to go out of his country to form in New York and prefers the work of the intimacy of his workshop.

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The curious history of a picture: "Dibus de Avignon”, Antonio de Felipe

I am of those who think that the pictures choose his collector and not the other way round as it would seem logical, the collectors his picture.

With all frankness I must say like preamble of this comment that I am not especially lover of the pop art; I like just as other artistic genres, but he is not my favorite.

In the Spanish panorama to say “pop art“ is tied almost always with the name of Eduardo Arroyo. In my opinion the work of Creek has clair-obscure, I like some of his pieces, but not many others. Now then, nobody can deny to him that it has come far and that he has managed to acquire a certain international quotation in difficult squares like Paris or London, to a great extent for the excellent work that is done from the Gallery Metta in Madrid.

But no, I when I speak about pop art think always firstly about the young Valencian painter Antonio de Felipe. I believe sincerely that Antonio's freshness, his vision his undoubted quality and his compositions make him a simply brilliant and different artist.

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It auctions in Duran: Antonio de Felipe, Godofredo Ortega Muñoz, Eduardo León Garrido, Takashi Murakami and Ignacio Gil Sala

Next June 19 the collectors have his monthly appointment with Durán Subastas.
It is is not going to be remembered like the best offer of the year on the part of the dean of the Spanish rooms, but nevertheless we comment on some of the lots that have received our attention.

Eduardo León Garrido (1856-1949)

Interesting piece of local customs and manners the one that presents Durán in a starting price perhaps slightly high 18.000€. The quality of the stroke of the artist born in Madrid remains clear in the piece.


“The reception”
Oil on Table
53 x 65 cm
Exit: 18.000€
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To auction works of Antonio de Felipe, Eduardo Arroyo, Eduardo Naranjo, Juan Barjola, Fernando Botero, Damià Jaume between others

Next April 23, the dean of the houses of Auction of Madrid, Durán Subastas, celebrates a new painting auction at 7 p.m. hrs. Between the lots of está edition emphasized the following ones:

(Medellin, Colombia/1932)

My curiosity not only centers in small or void quality and grace amen of scarce interest that generate in me drawings as this one of Boatman, but the surprising of his starting prices, which make suppose that the work will not sell. A drawing to Boatman's nib at these prices is exaggerated to me to understand, for much that pawn some galleries (and it seems that now Auctions Last).

Create me, Boatman will not go down in history for these drawings, of scarce grace and quality. His work starts and finishes in the sculpture and some free linen.



I draw. 94 x 67.
Signed and dated in 1981 in the right low angle.

Starting price: 38.000€
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The return of Pop, Antonio de Felipe

He was born in Valencia in the year 1965, and graduated in the faculty of Fine arts of this city in the decade of ´80. Multidisciplinary artist who not only devoted himself to the painting and to the sculpture, but also it penetrated into different fields, as for example: “Tremulous Meat” collaborated with Pedro Almodóvar in the movie, he designed curtains for Telemadrid, Santa Clara created a china for the signature; and he collaborated with important publications as ByN Dominical (Sunday magazine of the newspaper ABC), The Country, The Magazine of the newspaper El Mundo, Marie Claire, elle and the magazine Rolling Stone, between others.

Pop stands out in the art, and it produces homage to the world of the publicity (constant subject-matter and ambience where it worked eight years), of the movies or of the Spanish baroque painting. In his work there appear representations of the most daily objects, the products of big consumption and the icons of the popular culture. To keep on reading»

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