Annie Leibovitz on the verge of the ruin


Photo of Bernardo Pérez

The history of Annie Leibovitz is like that of the modern artists, but on the contrary: it goes from the economic stardom to the financial ruin. As we comment already, Leibovitz had pawned part of his work in last February to settle debts.

Now then, the Supreme Court of New York gave to him one month to pay to his creditors 17 million euros that it owes or but it would lose the rights of his some photos, valued for 35 million euros. It seems that Leibovitz had asked for a loan for these 17 millions and was putting like guarantee his two houses and the copyright of photos as that of pregnant and naked Demi Moore in the front of Rolling Stone and the hug of Yoko Ono and Lennon.

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Annie Leibovitz, life of a photographer: images of the exhibition

Annie Leibovitz, Life of a photographer is one of the exhibitions more important that they presented before themselves in the frame of PhotoEspaña 2009 and that you have time to visit until September 6 in Room Alcala of Madrid.

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Annie Leibovitz, Life of a photographer 1990-2005, exhibition in Room Alcala 31


Portraits of Susan, his couple

Annie Leibovitz, Life of a photographer 1990-2005 is one of the main courses of PHotoEspaña 2009que you will be able to see in Room Alcala 31, of the Commission of Culture of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample does a trip of the career of Leibovitz, so much of the portraits for Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, as of series of Sarajevo, the elections of Hillary Clinton, portraits of his family, Susan Sontag (his couple) and the photos of famous persons.

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The photographer Annie Leibovitz pawns his works for the crisis

Photo of Michelle Obama for Leibovitz

The economic crisis not only is mining the profit of the big houses of auctions, but now it has touched to a personality of the art: it is a question of the photographer Annie Leibovitz, one of the big photographers of the world, who has turned out to be forced to pawn some of his works to obtain cash.

It is clear that it has not gone to pawn as well as this way his work, but there joined the company Cardinal Art, where works of art are used like support for loans in cash, but it affects to the copyright, negatives and the contractual rights of every photo of Leibovitz.

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Exhibition of the best 150 portraits of Vanity Fair


Jane Harlow. For George Hurrel, 1934

Vanity Fair Portraits-Photographs 1913-2008 is the title of the big exhibition of portraits of the XXth century that is inaugurated today in National Portrait Gallery of London.

One of the widest records assembles the sample of the fashions magazine, with a varied personalities fan from before the First World war until our days.

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