Annie Leibovitz on the verge of the ruin


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The history of Annie Leibovitz is like that of the modern artists, but on the contrary: it goes from the economic stardom to the financial ruin. As we comment already, Leibovitz had pawned part of his work in last February to settle debts.

Now then, the Supreme Court of New York gave to him one month to pay to his creditors 17 million euros that it owes or but it would lose the rights of his some photos, valued for 35 million euros. It seems that Leibovitz had asked for a loan for these 17 millions and was putting like guarantee his two houses and the copyright of photos as that of pregnant and naked Demi Moore in the front of Rolling Stone and the hug of Yoko Ono and Lennon.

The dispute is with Cardinal Arts Group, with whom it would have pawned his works months ago and to whom he did not pay a cent. According to the relatives to the famous photographer, she “cannot handle his money and spends more than it can“.

The bad or good languages say that “Annie Leibovitz has a contract with the publishing house Condé Nast as 1,39 million euros per year and that he receives 175.000 euros for working day in publicity, also it is known between photographers for spending of excessive form in every shooting, for being a tirana with his personnel and, especially, for being an absolute disaster with its own finance“.

To complete the dark financial scenery, the photographer received a demand of an Italian photographer, who accuses her of having used some of his images in an autumn Lavazza catalog and demanded it for 105.000 euros.

So by the beginnings of October, specially 2, will have news about what will happen with the copyright of the works of Leibovitz, when it faces the company Cardinal Arts Group.

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