Biography of Ángel Bados


Ángel Bados, without title (1989).
Sculpture in iron. Measurements: 99×121x39 cm

In some opportunity we have mentioned artist Ángel Bados (Navarre, 1945), when we mention big Basque artists. In this case, it is a question of one of the sculptors and experimental artists more influenced by the school implemented by Jorge Oteiza.

Between the year 1969 and 1973, it studies his studies in the School of Fine arts of Madrid and on having reached the same ones, returns to Navarre to exercise the teaching in the School of Arts and crafts.

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The new tendencies in the Basque Sculpture


Work of Txomin Badiola

The new sculptural tendency that has happening in the Basque Country, is determined to break with the cánones established by the biggest artists, whose names Chillida, Oteiza or Nagel are recognized on a global scale, how.

The feeling of liberation that the new generations of Basque sculptors feel in nothing is alike the feelings of those big artists who were capable of placing the art in the postmodernism, and that they were thinking about how to place constantly the collective identity, chasing for it diverse myths and traditions, and if not, creating them.

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