Artists coveted for the theft of works of art


Portrait of Pablo Picasso for Juan Gris

The works of art thefts are an outstanding figure in the art history, both of the fiction and of the reality. We have seen thousands of movies, read hundreds of history that narrate us the strategies applied in the thefts of works of art.

The relation art and theft is almost romantic, but very real: weeks ago again Picasso drawings were stolen of the museum Parisian namesake, deceiving the safety system. Let's see now the top 10 of artists coveted by the thieves:

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Retrospective of Andy Warhol in Grand Palais of Paris

The big world of Andy Warhol is the title of the retrospective of the father of pop art that you will be able to visit in parís Grand Palais.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition consists of 150 portraits realized by Warhol along his career, in which they stand out the outstanding figure of Marilyn Monroe or Mao.

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Exhibition of the multimedia work of Andy Warhol in London

Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms there is the title of a new exhibition of the artist a father of pop art that it is possible to visit in Hayward Gallery of London.

What will we be able to see? The sample gathers one more facet of Warhol: television programs and movies produced by him along his career, in a sample that points at all the senses.

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“Andy Warhol and other famous faces”, exhibition of the artist in Maryhill Museum of Art

Maryhill Museum of Art offers a retrospective of the portrait in the work of Andy Warhol with this exhibition that réune to the famous persons painted the portrait by artist pop art.

In the same decade in which Warhol begins to raise to art objects of the everyday life, the famous persons of the 60 and 50 turn into the topic of his style, like the well-known portrait of Marilyn Monroe, that pop has served like icon of the culture.

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Kevin Spacey will take to theater sculptures of Warhol, Koons and Giacometti

Inflatable Flower and Bunny (The Pre-New 1979)

I enjoy much of the crossings that take place in the world of the art and this news turns out to be very interesting: Kevin Spacey, the actor of American Beauty, will be one of those that voice and personality will give to a selection of sculptures of the XXth century, which will be the protagonists of a stage play.

The play will take the name of Drama Queens, it has been created by the duo of plastic artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, with the artistic Spacey direction. Between the select pieces there are sculptures of Boxes of Sheen of Andy Warhol, Rabbit of Jeff Koons and others of Giacometti.

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Works of Murakami and Warhol to auction in Christie`s Dubai

Next Wednesday, the 30th of April, the house of auctions Christie`s will put on sale magnificent works of contemporary art, where he stands out two artists recognized internationally as they are Takashi Murakami and Andy Warhol.

Of the first one the following work will be auctioned:
Superflat Sphere (White and Black)
Two impressions
Signed, numbered and dated: Takashi 03 24/50
Measurements: 80×80 cm
Evaluation: 10.000 – 15.000 U$D

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Works of Esteban Vicente and Andy Warhol to auction in Sotheby`s

In the morning meeting of next April 2, the house of auctions Sotheby`s will finish off the already mentioned works of Clavé and Bansky, and also you act of the Spanish artist Esteban Vicente and of famous Andy Warhol. Of the first one the following work will be auctioned:

Head office Focus
Lot: 212
Painting on linen
Signed and dated in 1990
Measurements: 111.8×167.6 cm
Evaluation: 40.000 – 60.000 USD

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Banksy, Looked and Warhol also will be auctioned in Sotheby`s

Since we were mentioning in a previous post, the house Sotheby`s of London prepares a big auction for the next 1st of April. And the list of works of famous artists continues with Banksy, Joan Miró and Andy Warhol:

Of Banksy we will have the opportunity to choose 6 works, between them:

Lot: 378
Impression in colors
Signed to pencil, dated and numbered 67/150
Measured role: 49.8×69.8 cm
Measured image: 37.1×58.3 cm
Evaluation: 8.000 – 12.000 USD

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Rothko, Warhol, Bacon and Francis in the exhibition The Seasion Begins

Christie's celebrates up to 27 next an exhibition of art called The Season Begins. Unveiling Christie's spring masterpieces where we emphasize the contemporary art paragraph and of post war with works Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon and Sam Francis. These works will be auctioned newly in May.
Let's begin with Rothko, N º 15


Signed, titled and dated “MARK ROTHKO 1952 # 15 ‘(in the reverse and in the stretcher)

Oil on linen
232,4 x 210,3 cm
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Burning house presents: "Warhol, In the capsule of the time”

Celebrating his fifth anniversary, Burning House of Madrid presents to us an exhibition that will develop until January 20 dedicated to one of the most famous artists of the XXth century: Andy Warhol.

In this opportunity an "autobiography" of the artist tries to enjoy itself across several works, prioritizing in the sample the photos so much personal as of nearby and collaborating friends in order to show us the secret side of Warhol, unusual and unexpected. In effect, they will not see almost anything of the well-known works, but at the same time they will see his art in his maximum splendor, with all that that was his inspiration source.

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