Gallery of works of Ann Laura Aláez


Beauty Cabinet Prototype

Ann Laura Aláez we had mentioned in his biography that is defined as a “architect of emotions“, and in this Gallery of Works of his responsibility we will understand a little more that it is what that means. Really he remains demonstrated that it it is, and for it we must only observe the images to understand that it is what the artist expresses.

Except Glossy City, other works belong to his Installation Beauty Cabinet Prototype, where Aláez tries to define the beauty and the multiplication of identities that it bears. And really, it obtains what he wishes, therefore it has transformed gradually, in one of the artists of major international fame.

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Exhibition of Ann Laura Aláez in the Contemporary Art museum of Castile and León


The Contemporary Art museum of Castile and León (MUSAC) will present from the next May 17 until September 7, where it will present his last creations, which remain faithful to his esthetic idea, being one of the representatives of the New Basque Sculpture.

As always, the artist penetrates into the artificial paradise of the appearances, investing the pre-established cánones, principally of the previous tendencies Basque, creating her own esthetic sense refilling his works with certain harmony that grant a certain hedonistic sense to the same one.

For whom they want to appreciate this work and to penetrate into a new reality, there must go to the MUSAC of Castile and León, located in Avenue of Reyes Leoneses 24, 24008, León, Spain.

Biography of Ann Laura Aláez


Ann Laura Aláez in full creation

Multidisciplinary artist Ann Laura Aláez born in Bilbao in 1964, is one of the most finished contemporary artists and of major fame inside Spain principally, although his best and most recognized works are mostly photos.

She is defined as a “architect of emotions“, since it expresses them of the way that he believes more suitable, transforming all his life into art. His feeling always remains captured of a sculpture, a photo or an installation, where it is possible to comprise very simply what he wants to express.

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Lab Project, the collective Spaniard who looks at the Arab Emirates

Yesterday there was inaugurated the collective sample Lab Project, the artistic project of exchange between Spanish artists and the United Arab Emirates. In this edition young Spanish artists were invited like Ann Laura Aláez, Sergio Belinchón, Maider López and the group Área3.


(Sequence of images of Belichón)

Those that it is possible to see in this exhibition are works, which dock from different angles and languages, opposing concepts: the use of the space of the city, both in his conquest and in the loss. The pieces are born of a situation of experimental laboratory in which the artists use the local scenery as raw material for the works across two concrete visits. To keep on reading»

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