Amaya Muzzle gained the golden Medal in sculpture in the International Exhibition of Plastic Arts


Our young favorite Spanish artist, Amaya Bozal, has been rewarded in July with the golden Medal in LXX Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Valdepeñas by his work sculptural Set, in the category sculpture.

Sculptural set consists of three heads, two in bronze with different patinas and one of mud retractario, placed on wooden beams of the XIXth century treated for his conservation.

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Exhibition Panorama 2008: works of Barceló, Muzzle, Valdés, Creek, Gets ready and Plensa

SelfPortrail AS O.W.II
Dust of marble, the only piece
83 x 48 x 77 cm.

Since we have already aunciado, until July 31 you have time to visit the exhibition Panorama 2008, one collective that there organize the galleries Juan Gris and Hopscotch.

In the same one it is possible to see an about thirty of works of better than the Spanish art in the last 50 years, with names dedicated like López, Barceló, Block, Valdés, Plensa or new figures like Amaya Bozal. Let's see a works gallery that we select, with pictures of Amalia Avia, Muzzle, Barceló, Creek and two sculptures of Plensa and Valdés, respectively.

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Panorama 2008 in Gallery Hopscotch


Antonio López, Couple in the Square Rubén Darío

The Art gallery Hopscotch presents as a whole with Juan Gris, the exhibition Panorama 2008, which will carry out until the next July 31 in the room 2 of the mentioned gallery and where there will be able to be appreciated big quantity of works of contemporary Spanish artists.

Between others, you act of Chillida, Canogar, Amaya Bozal, Palazuelo, Tápies and Saura are some of the artists who say present in the sample realized by Hopscotch and Juan Gris as a whole.

This impressive exhibition will be able to appreciate in the Art gallery Hopscotch located in Claudio Coello 19, 28001, Madrid, Spain.

Gallery of pictures of Amaya Bozal


Belly II, 2003
Oil, I revoke of lime on linen, incisions
30 x 30 cm

More than once we have said that Amaya Bozal is one of the clearest promises of the Spanish contemporary art. There turns out to be exquisite to us the work of this painter of Madrid, who is refused to go out of his country to form in New York and prefers the work of the intimacy of his workshop.

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Exhibition of Amaya Bozal in gallery Hopscotch


Head of girl II, mixed skill / linen, 110 x 160 cm, 2007

The gallery Hopscotch is exhibiting the magnificent work of this young Spanish artist, Amaya Bozal, until April 5. The exhibition is assembled by the recent production of this prolific artist, who for this 2008 already has 14 paintings and 5 sculptures.

In this occasion, Muzzle brings his look over to us to the portrait with a work that turns about the portrait of two girls who repeat along all the pieces. The surprise, the experimentation with materials and an ephemeral steam cover the faces of these girls, whose repetition turns them exquisite and ghostly.

Amaya Muzzle is a young promise for the Spanish art, which has exhibiting from 1994, both of individual and collective form, both inside the country and in Argentina, the United States and Venezuela.

Amaya Muzzle, the promise of the Spanish art


Amaya Muzzle is one of the clearest promises of the Spanish painting. Born en1972 in Madrid it initiated his artistic formation, in 1985, in the Academy Copse Table, where he was present at the Workshops of Current Art of the Circle of Fine arts, directed by Manolo Valdés and by Miguel Ángel Campano.

In 1995 he graduated in Ancient history for the Complutense University of Madrid. She said that it is learned of the painters that he considers to be his teachers like Rothko, Cezanne, of Staël, Motherwell, the painters of the School of New York and Goya.

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Out-standing collective exhibition in the Gallery Hopscotch in Madrid

The Gallery Hopscotch, directed by David Fernández – Braso is a somewhat peculiar space. Linked to the Gallery Juan Gris and placed in the Quarter of Salamanca in Madrid it is a space where, a pair of times a year, can enjoy some very out-standing collective exhibitions, where the selection of authors and of works is really elegant.

Next June 26 and under the title “Panorama 2007” he can enjoy one of these brilliant collective, which I cannot but to recommend to visit the persons who could approach to see it in Madrid.

It is not easy to see works of Miquel Barceló together and well chosen, Eduardo Arroyo, Team Chronicle, Looked, Antoni Tàpies, Eduardo Chillida, Lucio Muñoz, Luis Feito, Hernández Pijuán, Mompó, Pablo Palazuelo, Manolo Valdés, Canogar, Bores, Viñes, Cristóbal Toral or Antonio Saura between others. To keep on reading»

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