Alberto Corazón, painter and Spanish designer

Alberto Corazón is a graphic designer and plastic artist, born on January 21, 1942 in Madrid. He studied Economic Sciences and Cultural anthropology, and taught of Anthropology in the University of Osaka (Japan). When it returned to his country, it began to work like artistic director of two weekly papers.

His first important exhibition did it in 1967 in the gallery Stein of Turin. Between this year and 1970 it exhibited both in Italy and in Germany. The latter year returned to Spain and constructed in the gallery Redor of Madrid a big space of paintings and serigraphy on acetate that called to Read the image, an installation that then was exhibited in Barcelona, Valencia and Seville.

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Exhibition of Alberto Corazón in gallery Marlborough

12 Variaciones on the winter Solstice is the title of the exhibition with which the Spanish artist Alberto Corazón returns to the gallery Marlborough. The same one will be able to visit until January 3.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by the most recent work of Heart, marked in this moment for works in drawings and jewels, realized the above mentioned with the workshop of Jewels of Ann Arambarri.

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Winners' exhibition of the Award of Cartels 2008 in The Burning House

Taking part cartel of the contest of John Pucela

Up to August ends you have time to visit the chosen and winning works of the call 2008 of the Award of Cartels of Social Work Box Madrid in The Burning House.

Under the slogan of the fair play in the sport, the sample assembles 27 pieces of graphic design in which there are represented the values of the healthy competitive game.

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The first Spanish retrospective of the work of Alberto Corazón in the IVAM


The Valencian Institute of Modern art (IVAM) has managed to be to the avant-garde of the Spanish contemporary art in the being the first local museum that dedicates a retrospective to one of our favorites: Alberto Corazón.

The exhibition assembles 76 pieces and can be visited until September 14. A multidisciplinary summer and to plenary meeting with the contemporary art it is the proposal of the IVAM and the Heart retrospective.

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Summer Show”, collective summer exhibition in Marlborough


Yellow inn of Heart

The head office of Madrid of the gallery Marlboruogh celebrates the period with the collective exhibition Summer Show. This sample assembles pieces in painting and sculpture of the artists' fistful of the gallery.

The opening is June 26 and the works will be able turn until September 6, with the exception of August that will be closed. There will see works of Alfonso Alabacete, Juan José Aquerreta, Martín Chirino, Rafael Cidoncha, Alberto Corazón, Juan Correa, Alejandro Corujeira, Carlos Franco, Manuel Franquelo, Juan Genovés, Luis Gordillo, Kcho, Abraham Lacalle, Francisco Leiro, Blanca Muñoz, Lucio Muñoz, Juan Navarro Baldewed, Pelayo Ortega, Daniel Quintero, Josep Maria Riera I Aragó, David Rodríguez Caballero, Sergio Sanz, Manolo Valdés and Darío Villalba.

The collective one from the best Spanish contemporary art to plenary meeting not to get lost.

“Paintings 2007 ″ of Alberto Corazón in gallery Marlborough


The Gallery Marlborough will begin in 2008 with an exhibition of Alberto Corazón, who is inaugurated on January 10. In Paintings 2007, Heart shows almost an about thirty of dedicated oils all of them to the genres of the still life and the scenery.

There are the inns, a genre appellant in his painting, of whom he affirms: "perhaps it is the topic absence what gives him the metaphorical quality that the spectator grants to these signs and spots. My inns are a pure sign and in his particular strategy compositiva I find a territory of endless esthetic freedom”.

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Exhibition and united auction in gallery BAT ALBERTO CORNEJO

Mutual support is the title of the united exhibition that there inaugurated yesterday in the gallery BAT ALBERTO CORNEJO and whose target it is to end with an auction of the works exhibited to help to the gallery Viewfinder, which has suffered the destruction of his facilities and funds.


Coast Llobero Garden, Barcelona, of Joan Fontcuberta

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Alberto Corazón in your look


In your look there was a forest … it is the name of the exhibition of the artist and graphic designer, Alberto Corazón, who shows us the head office of Madrid of the Gallery Marlborough.

This sample assembles pieces on role, where the oil and the graphite print his trace. In words of his creator, “the exhibition is the enunciation of a genre, which forgets the difference between drawing and painting to submerge in a support in which everything subordinates itself: the role pasta”.

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Alberto Corazón exhibits his inns in New York

The painter, sculptor and much especially Spanish designer Alberto Corazón (Madrid, 1942) exhibits in the Gallery Marlborough of New York a two weeks of oils that suppose a homage to the inn like one of the most prominent pictorial genres of Spain.


The artist works years ago with this immense machine of promotion on a global scale that is the Marlborough, and that allows him to be able to exhibit of intermittent form in his gallery of NYC, Londrés, Madrid or Monaco between others. To keep on reading»

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