Exhibitions agenda 2009 in Spanish museums

Portrait of the Pope Inocencio X of Francis Bacon

2009 will start with an explanatory variety for all the tastes, since some museums as Queen Sophia, Prado Museum and Thyssen Bornemisza have already moved forward his programming that includes contemporary art and modern art.

  • On February 3 there will be inaugurated in the Prado Museum of Madrid the retrospective devoted to Francis Bacon with 70 works that will produce homage to the anniversary of birth of the artist. For May, there is had programmed the opening of the biggest retrospective of the work of Joaquín Sorolla, with more than 100 pictures, between which there stand out 14 panels of the Vision of Spain.

  • In the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia, the protagonists of 2009 will be Julio Gónzalez and Juan Muñoz, with each samples. That of Julio Gónzalez will be centred on the sculpture, with 200 pieces in iron that will be able turn from March 11. While Juan Muñoz will bring in Queen Sophia in April with the most finished restrospectiva of his work until now, which one is the same that was seen in 2008 in Tate Modern of London.
  • In Thyssen Bornemisza we will have a sample of henri Matisse, with pieces that tackle the painting of the modern artist between 1917 and 1942 and it will be inugurada in June. But in February we will be able already to see the collective one The Shade, an explanatory proposal that assembles artists' works and movements from the Renaissance up to ends of the XIXth century.

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