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Abraham Lacalle: exhibition Noises in gallery Marlborough

Noises I

Ruidos is the title of the new exhibition of the Spanish artist, Abraham Lacalle, which you will be able to visit in gallery Marlborough of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 11 works in small format, principally watercolors, which show us the chromatic Lacalle sumptuousness.

The proposal: once again the Lacalle paintings bring over to us references to the artistic and literary movements of the XXth century, in addition to elements for the social criticism. In Lacalle words, his work tries “to take the painting to an extreme, saturated situation, where the imagining is brutally sobredimensionada, the color; the forms pile up they are not at all but they have some sexual energy. Radically differentiated, forms and colors, nevertheless, melt in only one element that is the picture“.

Place: gallery Marlborough, in Orfila 5 of Madrid. Opened to the public until next June 13.

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