Lepanto, series of Cy Twombly in the Prado Museum

Lepanto XII
Wax on linen, 214.6 x 293.4 cm

12 linens of Cy Twombly are those who can turn in the Prado Museum until September 28. This exhibition assembles the works of the series Lepanto, the same one with which the American painter took part in the Biennial one of Venice of 2001, when they granted him the León of Gold.

This series of Twombly represents in painting the story of the famous naval battle that faced, in the gulf of Lepanto on October 7, 1571, the Ottoman Turks with the Holy League, Christian coalition formed by Spain, Venice and the Holy See.

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Spectacular Goya sample in the Prado Museum


On May 3, 1808 in Madrid: the executions in the mountain of the Pious Prince, 1814

The National museum of the Meadow presents the exhibition “Goya in War times“, which appears commemorating 200 anniversary of the War of Spanish Independence in May, 1808. The same one will center concerning Goya and his famous works of May 2 and 3, 1808 of Madrid.

Departing from these works, the figure of the artist will appear in a wider enough context, exhibiting a whole of 200 works of the painter, offering the possibility to the spectators of being able to appreciate a big quantity of works of Goya assembled in only one place.

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Pictures of restored Goya are exhibited in Prado Museum


The load of the Mamelukes and The executions of May 3 in the rooms of the Prado Museum. Photo: EFE

From the next Tuesday the works of Goya will be able to be appreciated “the executions of May 3 in the mountain of the Pious Prince” and “On May 2 or the load of the Mamelukes” in the Prado Museum, owing to the exhibition Goya in War times.

The pictures must be restored and cleaned, and according to words of Manuela Menathe conservation state was fantastic, but the varnish was very yellow and the quite thick layers, what was not allowing to see well the colors and the perspective“.

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Big sample of The Greek one in Prado Museum of Madrid


The Museum of Prado Museum in Madrid will present until February 10 of next year an exhibition destined for Domenico Teothocopoulos, more known as The Greek one, owing to the edition of the catalog of the collection that this museum has of this artist, being named “The Greek ones of the Meadow”.

The sample consists of 47 pieces that Prado Museum preserves and the intention is that the spectator knows the history of this famous born painter in Crete. It is necessary to emphasize that the first exhibition that was realized on him was in 1902, where 10 works of his responsibility appeared. Nowadays, the Museum possesses 37 proper works of the author and 10 more of his environment and his followers.

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