Camouflages, collective exhibition in The Burning House


Camuflajes is the title of this collective exhibition that you can visit in The House Lit until November. The proposal takes as a target to assemble the work of diverse artists who use the resource of the camouflage as a constitutive element of his work.

It will be possible to see works of these artists: Angels Agrela; José Ramón Amondarain; Liu Bolin; Manuel Cerda; Chema Cobo; Monica Duncan and Lara Odell; Lalla Essaydi; Leo Fabrizio; Adonis Flores; Joan Fontcuberta; Laurent La Gamba; Rogelio López Cuenca; Maider López; Carmen Mariscal; Laura Mars; Mateo Maté; Carlos Miranda; Sonia La Mur; Juan Luis Moraza; Yasumasa Morimura; Harvey Opgenorth; Desiree Palmen; Domingo Sánchez Blanco; Francesca Woodman; Gina Zacharias; Eleanor Antin; Emilio Fantin; Alfredo Jaar; Ottonella Mocellin; Pacquée Laughs; Cesare Pietroiusti and Cesare Viel.

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The Free time best in 10 links

Our weekly selection of what more we liked in the blogs network:

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Esteban Vicente and his work

Esteban Vicente was one of the big Spanish artists, pioneer of the abstract expressionism in our country. We have already seen his biography and now we offer you a small trip for his work.

In Vicente's pictures it gives priority to the color and the light as central and constitutive elements of the order in the painting. His pictures remember us to the work of Mark Rothko, where the color spots seem to work in the same way.

In Vicente's paintings the orange, yellow, green and blue ones, believe an ambience of tension and chromatic relaxation, in a request simultaneously contradictory and agreeably to the look.

The Picasso women

Pablo Picasso is so met by his art as by his relation with the women, eternal muses of his art and also source of many conflicts.

This report published in the program Thesis gives an exhaustive glance for the relation of Picasso and his wives. From Olga Kokhlova to Dora Maar or Jacqueline Roque, many people have been the females who intervened in his art and heart.

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Oscar Niemeyer to the finished one in Telephone Foundation


Auditório do Park Ibirapuera – Sao Paulo – SP – Brazil

Photo Nelson Kon

Since we were passing in the autumn exhibitions calendar, yesterday the exhibition Óscar Neimeyer remained inaugurated in the Telephone Foundation of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample is a finished trip for the creative universe of the architect and Brazilian artist. There consists of 17 mock-ups, 21 drawings, 50 sketches + 2 books, 25 photos, 1 couch, 1 sculpture and several projections, with more than 40 years in the architecture.

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Auction of Durán – September, 2009

The house of Madrid of auctions Durán will realize from 22 to 24 meetings of auction of works of art and books. In this post we stand out the Spanish artists that more we like and are present in this art auction, namely:

Of Francisco Bores we have Beach of the Basque country


Watercolor of 19 x 24
Signed Bores 56 in the left low angle
This work turns out to be reproduced in the catalog of the exhibition “Of The natural 1943-1958 ″ of the Gallery Margarita Summers, Madrid, in May - June, 1996. There is enclosed certificate of authenticity sent by Mrs Carmen Bores, dated on June 12, 1996.
Exit: 6.000 €

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Hosting Premium for your web

hostinga premium

Belong you to these demanding persons and retailer who looks for the best thing for his projects? So if you are like that and also these prompt, to throw your web in the Internet universe, you will be interested in this bundle of hosting premium of Sync.

In Sync you can choose between 2 hosting premium options, with servants dedicated for the entire administration of your web: Linux to 69.95 € x month and Windows to 79,95 € x month.

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Exhibition of Francis Allÿs in Siloes


Fabiola is the title of the exhibition of the Belgian artist Francis Allÿs that you will be able to see in the Monastery of Siloes from next October 28.

What will we be able to see? The sample is composed for está composed by more than 300 works belonging to the collection of the artist. This sample one could see last year in the Day ArtFoundation of New York and it has appeared recently in National Portrait of London.

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Exhibition of Antoni Miralda in the Palace of Velázquez


Traiteurs coloristes, 1970

The exhibitions calendar 2009-2010 of the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia will offer in the period a varied explanatory offer. In May, 2010 inaugurá the exhibition devoted to the Spanish artist Antoni Miralda in the Palace of Velázquez.

What will we be able to see? The sample, comisariada for Daniela Tilkin, is a trip for the artistic trajectory of
Miralda, from the first drawings and photos of 1965, happening for a selection of documents, preparatory drawings, photos, sculptures / monuments and objects, up to projections of movies and facilities with photographic assemblies.

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Spanish artists in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's – September, 2009

This September 24 Sotheby's celebrates his autumn contemporary art auction in New York, with a wide repertoire of contemporary artists, like Takashi Murakami, of who we already saw his work.

Today we will see the lots of other favorite contemporary artists: Luis Feito, Manolo Millares, Manuel Hernádez Mompó Antonio Saura, Pablo Palazuelo and Eduardo Chillida, let's see his pictures one to one:

Palazuelo we have Without title


Signed and dated 1963
Gouache in role
64.8 x 50.2 cm
Starting price: 18,000-25,000 USD

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