The fourth edition of “The Night of the Museums” in Buenos Aires

The Department of Culture of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires presents the fourth edition of The Night of the Museums, organized by the Subsecretariat of Cultural heritage across the Headquarter of Museums. The same one will be carried out on Saturday, the 6th of October, from 7 p.m. and will spread until 2 a.m.


(Museum Fernández Blanco)

During the course of this special night the public will be able to arm his own trip for the rooms of exhibition of the taking part museums, traveling the night city in family or with friends, and enjoying free holding a permit visits and a big diversity of proposals of theater, dance, performances, movies, video, multimedia, concerts of chamber music, choirs, jazz, tango, folklore, rock and electronics, in a collage of multiple expressions.

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Published for info in Exhibitions, News on September 29, 2007

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Jorge Oteiza, a 30 cm sculpture from 80.000Euros

Very much it goes a long way, as for pieces, and insurance that then very much there will go a long way the results of the Annual Auction of Spanish Art in Madrid, which Christies celebrates.

As for sculpture in this occasion I like especially this piece of Oteiza, beautiful and of small format realized in alabaster in 1972 and titled by the artist “open Buckets interior spaces, retentions of light”.


Open buckets interior spaces, retentions of light
inscribed with anagram áng. inf.
30 x 30 x 30 cm.
Executed in 1972. Biarritz, Crypte Sainte-Eugénie, Oteiza, Métaphysique of l'espace, April – July, 2007, il. pág. 68-69.
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Andy Goldsworthy, in the crystal Palace

The crystal Palace opens again his doors next Tuesday, October 2 at 12.00 hours to present the exhibition “ANDY GOLDSWORTHY. IN THE ENTRAILS OF THE TREE”, organized by the Museum Queen Sophia. In the presentation to the mass media there will be present Pilar Citoler, the president of the Patronage of the Museum of the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia, Andy Goldsworthy, artist, and Rafael García, coordinator of the exhibition.

This is the first sample that is organized in Spain on the British artist considered one of the most poetical authors of Land Art, who always works with natural materials like sheets, wood, stones or even snow. Goldsworthy has realized an installation thought-out and constructed especially for the crystal Palace.

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Eight photographers show us the District C of Phone companhy

Eight visions: District C is the title of the exhibition of photo that hangs by the rooms of the Telephone Foundation of Madrid and tries to give an artistic look to the actuality of the new head office of the company.


The persons in charge of this look are the photographers Sergio Belinchón, Bleda and Rose, Jordi Bernadó, Manel Esclusa, Aitor Ortiz, Xavier Ribas, Montserrat Soto and Valentín Vallhonrat, who across more than 100 images invite us to look in the architecture at concepts as the gap, the order and the construction of the District C. To keep on reading»

Published by monica kreibohm in Architecture, Exhibitions, It Photographs on September 28, 2007

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A work of Berni recovered stolen more than 20 years ago

A work of the Argentine artist Antonio Berni, stolen 24 years ago (in 1983 of his workshop), was recovered yesterday, only one hour before Creek was auctioned in the Gallery at a base price for 150.000 dollars, by federal police officers of the local office of INTERPOL, who her put low judicial security.


(”The nude of Nicole” and “The Lady of the Rose” - obverse and reverse of the same linen-)

It is a question of two works in one, since they occupy the obverse and the reverse of the same linen: "The nude of Nicole” - realized in Paris in 1928 - and “The Lady of Rose” - of 30 years later-.

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Published for info in News, Painting on September 28, 2007

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An exhibition with famous faces of Spain

Until October 19 you will be able to contemplate, in The Chivas Studio (Madrid), the exhibition “12 artists, 12 lives”, created by twelve artist emergent.


(Amenábar and Alejandro Sanz)

Their work has been to paint the portrait of influential persons “of the Spanish social and cultural life”, being his faces the protagonists of this sample. With them collages and paintings have been done, between “originals and avant-gardists”.

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Published for info in News on September 28, 2007

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An interesting "Multitude" of Antonio Saura is auctioned

An out-standing piece of those who will be able to be acquired in the auction of Christies next October 3 is this multitude in role of Saura, of his best epoch, 1960.

The dear price is 15,000 – 25,000 Euros that it even might overcome the rise up to the 40,000 or 55,000€.
I like very much the "Multitudes" of Saura, some time ago that I look for someone, especially of the epoch 1960-1965 and on linen (obviously the same piece – role given to table - on linen would have a well different price, which might reach more than 100,000€)

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Jesus Zurita: The low flatness


Place: Andalusian center of Contemporary art
It dates: From September 18, 2007

I would like that there was comprised The low flatness as an intervention in the space before as a mural. This has been at least my intention from the beginning of the project.


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Published by Alejandro Suárez Sánchez-Ocaña in News on September 28, 2007

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The future came to the art. Find out why

We have come to the future, of that there are already no doubts. Virtual Reality Museum Vandalism allows us to live through the virtual reality, and for example, destroy works of big value. It is part of the museum of the future, one of the centers of exhibition more avant-gardists of Europe (located in the Austrian city of Linz).


(One of the projects of the museum of the future)

The center of art and technology Ars Electronica, which waits for the ending of the construction of his head office on the banks of the Danube and which inaugurated a new assembly of his museum of the future in the crossing of the street Record with Dametzstraße, it will be opened up to ends of 2008, with approximately 50 interactive facilities.

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Published for info in Exhibitions, News on September 28, 2007

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The Auction of the year in Madrid: 3-OCT Christies comes

There is really curious the auction of Spanish Art that Christies celebrates in Madrid for some years.
Auctions of record, extraordinary lots, frequently difficult to see in our country and also, because not to say, very much nouveau riche walking the wallet in the room, with auctions sometimes any more high places than the real price that marks the market every day.

And the fact is that certainly this auction has turned into a social event, in which once a year they want to see many and to allow to see.


Christies announces his next appointment next October 3 in the hotel Westin Palace of Madrid.
There they will give themselves appointment strong and curious, and many of us we will be expectant for seeing that price is reached by some of the pieces that there will sell. To keep on reading»

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