Gallery of works of Nobuyoshi Araki

Photo of 1993. Nobuyoshi Araki.

Photo of the year 1993. Nobuyoshi Araki.

We already saw in the biography of the Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki a video with some of his original works.

The rupture with the traditional photo, the use of eroticism and the elegance of his photographic productions, there are some of the basic aspects of this provocative author.

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Golden sculpture of Kate Moss in the British Museum

Detail of Mermaid, Kate Moss of gold

Siren is the name of the sculpture of Marc Quinn. The figure represents the model Kate Moss and it is bathed in gold, with a weight of 50 kgr. The piece is the biggest golden sculpture realized at present, similar to those who were doing in the ancient Egypt for the Pharaohs.

Golden Kate Moss cost 2 million euros and it will be in exhibition from October 4 in the British Museum of London, the first sample of contemporary art that realizes the museum in 10 years.

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Work of Dora García: All the Stories

All the Stories. 2001. Dora García.

All the Stories. 2001. Dora García.

All the Stories is a work of videoarte of approximately eleven minutes of the year 2001, of the authoress Dora García.

In her it presents by means of a performance, the papers of some of the histories gathered in his project All the histories, a weblog in which completely different curious histories have been written between them, which are classified by chronology and subject-matter.

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Spanish contemporary painting: tendencies

Antonio Godoy. 2006.

Antonio Godoy. 2006.

The Spanish contemporary pictorial production is characterized basically by the big eclecticism that we find at present. Any style is accepted in these moments.

The tendencies that the emergent art continues are the most numerous, of a big stylistic diversity, which they intermingle, they fuse and develop continuously.

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Collective exhibition of contemporary artists in Neilson Gallery

The trip up to your eyes, of Pablo Sycet

On September 12 The trip will inaugurate the collective exhibition nowhere, which assembles the works of 60 contemporary artists.

What will we be able to see? The axis of the works there are the shoes, on which every artist has realized his free interpretation captured in facilities, which are the support of the action to be developed.

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Oils of Carlos Nadal in the auction of Christiés New York

The period is waking up and on September 10 we already will have the first auctions of the big houses. We begin with the meeting of Christie's New York of auction of impressionistic and modern art, where we emphasize the lots of the Spanish Carlos Nadal.

Plage aux Estivants

Executed 1994
Skill: Acrylic s/lienzo
Measurements: 73×92,1 cm
Distinctive marks: signed Nadal dedicated for “Adjoins AND THEY GIVE with everything my m”
Starting price: 27.000 – 40.700 Euros

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IV contest of Rapid Painting outdoors “Corners of the Exhibition site”

IV contest of Rapid Painting outdoors Corners of the Exhibition site.

Next September 11, 2008 IV Contest of Rapid Painting summons outdoors Corners of the Exhibition site, in the city of Albacete.

The topic opened for any type of interpretation, there are the Corners of the Exhibition site and it must be carried out there same, the skill is free and the support can be a linen, … all the biggest 16-year-old artists Can inform table. The inscriptions will be opened the same day in the morning, from 8 a.m. until 10 o'clock in the morning. The contest will develop and finish throughout the same day.

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Marinetti and the futurism

Words at large (Irredentism). 1914. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.

Words at large (Irredentism). 1914. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti was the founder of the futurism, a movement of avant-garde that was born in the year 1909, when Marinetti published, on February 20, the first futurist manifesto in Him Figaro.

Marinetti was undoubtedly the big ideologist of the Italian movement. Shortly after the mentioned date, in the year 1912, published the technical Manifesto of the futurist literature. From the year 1914, Marinetti moved to Russia to give a conferences cycle.

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Lucian Freud found out that one of his pictures was destroyed because it was not painting the portrait of pleasing form of an antiquarian

Small news the one that Lucian Freud received: in the search of a picture that did of a German antiquarian, Freud found out that this one had destroyed it because it was not representing it well.

Namely Bernard Breslauer (the painted the portrait one) broke the picture because it was not agreeing with the double chin that the contemporary artist had painted best quoted till now.

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Exhibition of photos of Bill Brandt comes to Valladolid

The Hearth, the exhibition of chosen photos of Bill Brandt that we could see in PhotoEspaña 2008, it will be possible to see from today in The Municipal Room of Exhibitions of San Benito of Valladolid.

The sample assembles 60 snapshots that paint the portrait of the life of the hard-working class of London in the 30s and 40s. In this video you will be able to have an advance of what he waits for you in the visit for the exhibition.

The exhibition it will be possible to visit The Hearth until October 5 in street San Benito without number of Valladolid.

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