New x-rays skill reveals portrait behind a picture of Van Gogh

Behind the picture Patch of grass of Vicent Van Gogh has been discovered a secret portrait, the prowess has been possible thanks to a new skill of exploration of the work with x-rays, which allows to reproduce with accuracy the hidden work.

The secret portrait reproduces the face of a woman and it is the first time that this skill is applied in a picture of an artist. The discovery has been possible thanks to the studies of a group of investigators of the University of Technology of Delft, in Holland.

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I project “Open Video” in Murcia

I project Open Video. Murcia.

At the end of next September there will give place a network of simultaneous exhibitions of videoarte in the city of Murcia, the project Open Video.

A new way of communicating the works of video with the spectator or pedestrian, who will go finding for different places of the city the audio-visual samples. Six samples in whole, which will be activated when the spectator is close to them.

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“Francis Bacon”, I paint the portrait of Lucian Freud

Portrait of Francis Bacon for Lucian Freud. 1952.

Portrait of Francis Bacon for Lucian Freud. 1952.

In the year 1952, Lucian Freud realized a portrait of Francis Bacon. These two authors met in London and supported a good friendship and artistic relation.

Both had in common many artistic aspects in his productions, as it was the representation of the human figure.

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Exhibition of portraits of idols of the hip hop painted like the outstanding figures

The rapper Ice-T as Napoleón. Photo: Smithsonian Institution

Someone time habrás I dress pictures or reproductions of portraits of Unpotter's clay, Rubens or Sargent, in which the personages of his epoch were painted by the rigorousness and pompousness of the painting of his time, in dramatic and very well staged time exposures.

Since the contemporary art has done homage to the idols of the hip hop from the hand of the plastic artist Kehinde Wiley, who decided that the best way of representing the heroes of the music is the classic and/or baroque style of the big painters.

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Kevin Spacey will take to theater sculptures of Warhol, Koons and Giacometti

Inflatable Flower and Bunny (The Pre-New 1979)

I enjoy much of the crossings that take place in the world of the art and this news turns out to be very interesting: Kevin Spacey, the actor of American Beauty, will be one of those that voice and personality will give to a selection of sculptures of the XXth century, which will be the protagonists of a stage play.

The play will take the name of Drama Queens, it has been created by the duo of plastic artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, with the artistic Spacey direction. Between the select pieces there are sculptures of Boxes of Sheen of Andy Warhol, Rabbit of Jeff Koons and others of Giacometti.

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Biography of Bill Henson

Without title. 2000-03. Bill Henson.

Without title. 2000-2003. Bill Henson.

The Australian photographer Bill Henson is born in Melbourne, Australia, in the year 1955. It has exhibited his works in numerous international exhibitions.

Some of his works have caused big polemic, when the photographer exhibited some of his works in the gallery Roslyn Oxley de Sidney in that adolescent nudes were appearing, the Australian gallery had to withdraw a few photos of the author due to the polemic that it caused, after the exhibition was visited by the police.

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Principal artistic movements of the XXth century

Nude lowering the stairs. 1912. Marcel Duchamp.

Nude lowering the stairs. 1912. Marcel Duchamp.

There are the most numerous the artistic movements that have arisen throughout the XXth century. It is possible to speak about the art before the second world war and the art after the second world war.

In the first half of the XXth century we find, inside the artistic avant-gardes, movements expressionists as the fauvismo, The Bridge or Die Brüke, The blue rider or Der Blau Reiter; the futurism, the surrealism, the rayonismo, the cubism, the movement dadá, the orfismo, the cubofuturismo, the metaphysical painting, the neoplasticismo, the bauhaus, the suprematismo, and the constructivism.

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Images of the hyperrealistic exhibition of Duane Hanson

One of my guilty pleasure is the fascination (almost obsessive) for the hyperrealistic sculpture, especially in the work of Ron Mueck. Some weeks ago we speak about the exhibition Sculptures of the American dream, the first retrospective of Duane Hanson in Spain.

For whom they still have not gone, we remember that they have time to visit until August 24 in Art Channel Madrid.

The fabulous of the hyper-realism of Hanson there is the collision of the human subject-matter of the American dream and this collection of statuesque human beings who represent the defeat of this unreal ideal. Simply viral and sharp the look of the work of Hanson.

Alejandro Suárez Sánchez-Ocaña, CEO Network of Blogs of Free time Networks, releases his personal blog

From the beginning of July the CEO of our network, Alejandro Suárez Sánchez-Ocaña, released his personal blog in which Internet will treat as a technology, blogs, innovations of his companies and communication in general.

In him, Alejandro will comment on his daily impressions on the Internet market, and why not also on his love and reflections on the most excellent facts of the technological world.

His blog will center on the new technologies, projects, CATHEDRAL, entrepreneurs, Internet, domains, domótica, art and as he comments himself in his opening post: "some fricada more”.

I leave here the link to you:

Diego Servente
Coordinator Red de BLogs Ocio Networks SL

Published by diego in Corporate, News on July 30, 2008

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Pictures of Lucian Freud

If there exists in the contemporary art an artist who represents the portrait, insurance that the letters form the name of Lucian Freud, an exquisite painter and now the new record of the market of the art.

A video to see slightly more of his work and to appreciate his line, which has turned it into the living contemporary artist best quoted up to today. The pictures that they will see were a part of the first retrospective of Freud in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, of Germany.

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