I am going to speak about Kuitca

Guillermo Kuitca, the most quoted living Argentine artist since it sold a work of his - of the series sweet Sea - in 230 thousand dollars, he was born in 1961 in Buenos Aires. Today his life is between this city, where he lives through most of the time, and in New York, where it has a department and Sperone Westwater is represented internationally by the gallery.


At the age of 13 it exhibited for the first time, in the Gallery Lirolay; at the beginning of the nineties it began to exhibit in Belgium, Switzerland, Holland and Italy, and at the age of 30 it had his first individual exhibition in the MoMA of New York. On Sunday, the 17th of this month, in the newspaper Nation, an interview realized to him went out published in New York before dividing Italy, where he spoke about his way of doing art.

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An important picture of Francisco Iturrino is auctioned this evening

Castilian You Auction, inside the sale of today On June 28 it presents a work very typical of Francisco Iturrino.

The author born in Bilbao in 1864 settled soon in Paris where it established friendship with Matisse, Dongen, Derain and Vlaminck Go between others, working in the French capital with between others Ambroise Vollard, famous dealer of the epoch of artists as Pablo Ruiz Picasso.


“Two friends”
Oil on linen. Signed.
Reproduced in the catalog of the exhibition “Francisco Iturrino“
Foundation Mapfre 1997, p. 184.
Measurements: 94 x 139 cm.
Exit: 47.500 €
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Kuk Yeol Kim: visiting the work of new artists

Turning for the network I came across with this page of Australian artists, ArtistWA, where it paid my attention the work of Kuk Yeol Kim, an artist of oriental origin.



Scarce and void is the information that I could obtain of Kim, in contrast to his work that turns out to be the richest to me, not only for the chromatic deployment, but also by the force of the impression of his line, which leads me to thinking it like a postmodernist Van Gogh, if such a thing was possible, no?. To keep on reading»

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Maria Blanchard in Castilian You Auction

A very good piece of Maria Blanchard is auctioned next June 28 in the Extraordinary Auction that presents Castilian Auctions.

The piece, títulada “Jeune Fille lisant” and with certificate of Dª Liliane Caffin Madaule the house of Madrid of auctions has a starting price of 60.000€ that is already covered as Indian web route.

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David, of Donatello, will be restored from now on

The work that constitutes the paradigm of the canon of masculine beauty, David, of Donatello (159 centimeters high and a 51 centimeters circumference) will be refaccionada with avant-garde skills. This sculpture in bronze of 1440, will be restored from now on and during the next 18 months in the Museum Bargello of Florence.


Here, where it is exhibited, the visitors will be able to know about the work, since it will be opened for the public; also a closed television circuit will show details of the process. As told the sobreintendente of the Pole of Florentine Museums, Cristina Acidini, the restoration of this work will cost approximately 200.000 euros.

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Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume of Paris joined already PHotoEspaña

This is good news for those persons that they love the art of the photo and who were waiting for the opening of this new room, to PHotoEspaña 2007, the festival that I know celebrates in Madrid annually, and that in this moment he is celebrating his tenth anniversary, there him joined the participation of one of the most important foreign centers “Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume of Paris”.


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The just line of Javier Lorenzo


The near days

The gallery Elizabeth Bilbao inaugurates on June 30 a new exhibition of the from Alicante painter, Javier Lorenzo, where we will be able to appreciate the precise and detailed work that he emphasizes to his work. To keep on reading»

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Australia will have the biggest sample of Latin American art of all his history

Until September 2 it will be possible to see in the Contemporary Art museum of Sydney the biggest exhibition of Latin American art showed in Australia, with a whole of 145 works of 30 artists of the region.


(Kuitca, Cardoso and Costantino)

The sample, called The Hours: Visual arts of the Contemporary Latin America, it was released in the Australian capital last Thursday, it exhibited in the Modern Art museum of Dublin (Ireland) at the end of 2005 and it will continue his trip for Spain.

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The tropical iceberg of Luis Gordillo

The National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia offers a retrospective of the artistic trajectory of Luis Gordillo, under the title Tropical Iceberg, Retrospective, 1959-2007. The same one will be able to be visited until October 15.


Tropical Icerberg is a trip for 180 significant works of the artistic production of this prolific Spanish artist. To keep on reading»

The Bank Santander is 150 years

Today The Bank Santander, it will celebrate 150 anniversary of his creation and will commemorate this event with the opening of an exhibition hall, in her there will be able to be appreciated the most significant works of all his collection.


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Published by enrique in Exhibitions on June 22, 2007

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