Collective exhibition of digital art and new means in Queen Sophia

Image of the installation of robotics. Photo: EFE

From last Thursday the collective exhibition one can visit Machines and Souls. Digital art and new means in the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia. The sample can be visited until October.

The exhibition, which includes the work of 17 artists chosen by his aptitude to unite art and science, creativity, feeling and mystery, tries to outline the characteristics of this new digital art.

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Biography of Raúl Bajo Ibáñez

Segundo Intento. 2002. Raúl Bajo Ibánez.

Segundo Intento. 2002. Raúl Bajo Ibáñez.

Raúl Bajo Ibáñez is born in Madrid in 1970. It is Licensed in Fine arts by the Complutense University of Madrid. It resides in Madrid and he is a teacher in Graphic design.

His work is centred in the field of the videoarte, the audio-visual art, and the videocreación. And his subject-matter is tied to the criticism of the mass media, the injustices, the solitude, the family circle, the war and the catastrophes.

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Exhibition of Jabi Machado in the Gallery Jorge Alcolea

Attractions fair. Jabi Machado.

Attractions fair. Jabi Machado.

Last Thursday, the 19th of June Jorge Alcolea took place the opening of the exhibition of painting of Jabi Machado in the Gallery, c / Claudio Coello, 28 of Madrid.

Until July 6, 2008 the Gallery Jorge Alcolea receives a sample of a selection of pictorial works of the Sevillian artist Jabi Machado.

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Exhibition of Dalí and the movies in the MoMa

Poster of the movie ‘Babaouo, c'est a movie surréaliste’ of 1932

Dalí: painting and movies is the title of the exhibition that the MoMa dedicates Salvador Dalí until September 15. The sample assembles pieces that realize of the intimate relation of the Spanish painter with the seventh art.

Since they will know, between many Dalí facets, there is counted his facet of scriptwriter, producer and artistic director in works like An Andalusian dog, perhaps the most emblematic.

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Gallery of works of Miquel Barceló

Seven minutes of relaxation with a video that compiles works of Miquel Barceló. Some of them are finished pictures, other details of works that realize of the quality of this Spanish artist.

Both in his realism and in his abstraction, what more calls me interest of the work of Barceló is the expressionism of his line, furtive and violent, which impregnates the scene of each of his pieces.

Seven minutes to begin one week and to end this month, the beauty has no waste.

Eduardo Naranjo donates “The sleep of the muses” to Queen Sophia

The collection of the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia has had a new acquisition, that we see her as marvelous: Eduardo Naranjo, our favorite Spanish painter, has donated his picture The sleep of the muses.

This picture is not one any more in the collection, but it is one of the most famous and exquisite pictures of Orange tree, identical with 1979 and belonging to the period in which Orange tree liked the interior scenes, with a poetic art intimist of high flight. Also The sleep of the muses is of the Orange tree picture that more it has been exhibited in exhibitions of the whole world.

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“The conquest of the air”, exhibition of Alexandra Domínguez in the Gallery Four seventeen

Imágen exhibition The Conquest of the air. Alexandra Domínguez. Mixed skill on cloth. Gallery Four seventeen

Mixed skill on cloth. Alexandra Domínguez.

Last Thursday, the 26th of June Prince of Vergara inaugurated the exhibition The conquest of the air of the Chilean artist Alexandra Domínguez, in the Gallery Four seventeen, c/, 17, in Madrid.

The sample presents a series of abstract paintings full of textures, scratches and body-language, defined as abstract expressionism. The exhibition can be seen until July 19.

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Picture of Antonio López to auction for 2 million euros

Finally we are days ahead of the auction that will do history in the Spanish art: Madrid from White Towers, one of the big pictures of Antonio López García will be the lot it covers with stars of the auction of Christie's next June 30.

The starting price is located between 1.800.000 2.500.000 of euros.

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“Africa“, exhibition of Miquel Barceló in the Irish Museum of Modern art

Africa is the title of the exhibition of the Spanish artist Miquel Barceló, which it is possible to visit in the Irish Museum of Modern art. The sample centers on works inspired by the frequent stays of the artist by the black continent.

The exhibition assembles 90 works - someone appear for the first time – in big and small formats, of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and sketchbooks.

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Works of Antoni Tàpies in the Sotheby's auction

We are almost in the end of the lots of Spanish artists in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's of July 2, today it touches to the shift Antoni Tàpies, who enters with 8 very good pieces.

Collages with 4 and 3

63 x 77 cm
Signed and executed in 1972
Crayon, ink, watercolor and role collage on role done to hand
Starting price: 25.500 – 37.800 EUR

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