There freed the Woman and the Art in Asturias during the XXth century


The book “the Woman and the Art in Asturias during the XXth century“, is a work realized by Maria Teresa Fernández Fernández and coedited by the Asturian Institute of the Woman, and it possesses his origin in the investigations realized by Javier Barón.

In the same one, there are compiled the plastic works of 49 Asturian artists, analyzing in depth each of them, passing this way for several generations, from the precursors of the Asturian art, up to the creative young people, in an exhaustive and deep work.

The book was edited in Oviedo in the year 2004 and it possesses 389 pages with illustrations to color of the works most representative of the presented artists. His cost is to 30 EUR (U$D 46.62) and it can be obtained in all the bookstores.

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Retrospective of photos of Henri Cartier Bresson in Alcala de Henares


The Social Work Caixa presents a retrospective of Henri Cartier-Bresson to us. This sample includes a period of more than 40 years (between 1932 and 1979) and assembles a selection of 133 photos that reflect all the facets of his work.

Since you know, Cartier-Bresson was a lucid explorer of the big artistic, political and social movements of last century, in addition to a cardinal photographer in the history.

The appointment is in the Ancient Hospital of Santa Maria the Rich one of Alcala de Henares (the Rich one keeps silent about Santa Maria, 3), until June 29, 2008.

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“Sculptures of the American dream”, hyperrealistic exhibition of Duane Hanson


The pioneer of the hyper-realism in the sculpture, the American artist Duane Hanson offers us a viral retrospective of his works in the Center Art Channel of Madrid.

How will they see, the personages of Hanson are burly, in a clear esthetic allusion and criticism of the kindness of the American dream in the health. Also it is not chance that the personages that it represents in his sculptures are the average citizens, that is to say, the hard-working class of the country of the North and the whole weight that on them relapses.

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“Night round”, the picture of Rembrandt is a movie of Peter Greenaway

The movies and the plastic art has an intimate relation that demonstrates the pictorial quality of the author's movies. Following this line, Peter Greenaway (my favorite English director) presents night Round to us, his last movie based on the picture namesake of Rembrandt.

The movie is released today in the Spanish movies rooms and promises to be a faithful copy in movement of the strokes, tonalities and style of one of the most important painters of the art history.

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Graphic work of Eduardo Chillida to auction in Munich

The room Ketterer Kunst of Munich celebrates on June 5 an auction of modern art and art of postwar period, in which we emphasize the lots of Eduardo Chillida:

Bakuntza II, 1973


Etching and aquatint
Signed and numbered 13/50
74,5 x 60 cm
Starting price: 5.000 – 7.000 EUR

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National contest Pancho Cossío 2008


The National Contest Pancho Cossío 2008, presents himself as a contest of which there can take part all those Spanish citizens or resident foreigners in Spain in practically all the forms of art.

All the participants will have to register between 9 and on June 20 of this year, being this the maximum term of presentation. At the moment of the same one, they will have to deliver between other things, an artistic dossier with five works of free topic.

The contest subdivides in two categories, which contain each of them the subject-matters in which they will be able to take part:

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Biography of Koldobika Jáuregui


One of the artists with major projection to future, is Koldobika Jáuregui, sculptor born in Alkiza, San Sebastian in 1959, and who stands out for his very good work using materials as the wood, the cast iron and the metal.

One of the points in his favor, is to be self-educated, what allows him to develop its own art, receiving a minim it influences of the existing currents. This way, his creations are much more personal, intimate.

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Gallery of works of Ron Mueck

I think that the best way of enjoying the work of Ron Mueck is the direct experience with these monumental personages, who seem to come alive proper.

Last year those who were in the CAC of Malaga could live in alive to the sculpture A Girl, since I have remained with the desire and at least in the distance of the bits and the binnacles I invite them to to go for a walk for this videos gallery.

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The Black Road”, political exhibition of Kara Walker


The Long Hot Black Road to Freedom, double-dixie two-step’ (2005)

The Center of Contemporary art of Malaga (CAC) offers us a monographic one of the American artist Kara Walker: The Black Road (the black way) is the title of the exhibition that there assembles a set of works of political tone and that we will be able to see from June 27.

The base sample in an installation that Walker has created especially for the CAC, in that a series of figures enjoys itself, in appearance innocent persons and of Victorian style, cut away, in the style of the first images of the movies. Across the figures, the artist satirizes and puts in check the American life style.

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Exhibition of Eneko Arruza in Gallery Raquel Recio


The Art gallery Raquel Recio presents from May 23 until next June 20, the exhibition of linens of Eneko Arruza, where it will present 15 of his oils, in which it gives priority like principal subject-matter to the scenery, both urban and rural.

The look so personal that it drinks on his paintings, they allow us to observe the same that he sees when he realizes the linen. This way, the ports, fields and other sceneries, it presents them with big strokes, in many cases intentionally, this way to transport us to the moment itself of the creation.

This exhibition will be able to be appreciated in the mentioned Gallery, which places in C/Dato 40, down, 01005, Vitoria, Spain.

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