Gallery of pictures of Dino Valls


Oil and golden bread / table
42 x 32 cm, 2007

Dino Valls is one of the Spanish artists that more I like: the collision of the representation of the woman and his personal stamp in the imagining they do of his pictures exquisite pieces in my opinion.

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Antoni Miró returns to the artistic scene with an exhibition in Alicante


Artemis of Earthworms

After 12 years out of the artistic scene, yesterday Antoni Miró inaugurated an exhibition of the artist alcoyano. The titled exhibition A viatge to Greece assembles 50 pictures and 10 sculptures of big format, which can be visited in the Castle of Santa Barbara of Alicante.

The motives of the absence of Miró have been political, since since the government of the PP installed in the power of the institutions valencies to itself the artist decided to stop exhibiting and nobody of the government felt his "absence".

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The Guggenheim of Bilbao exhibits facilities of international artists


Work of Matthew Ritchie.

Photo: Iñaki Andres

Facilities: selections of the Collections Guggenheim there is the name of the exhibition that person from Bilbao museum will have in his rooms until January 11. With this one collective that assembles works of four international artists, the museum pays to him tribute to this artistic expression key to understand the contemporary art.

The sample gathers works belonging to the funds of all the head offices of, in that there have been selected the pieces of Rirkrit Tiravanija, Matthew Ritchie, David Altmejd and Javier Pérez.

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Artistic movements: Group Dau al Set


Modest Cuixart, co-founder of the Group Dau al Set.

The Group Dau al Set was shaped in 1948 by a set of artists and intelligentsia opposite to the Franco period, pointing at the esthetics of the surrealism and the existentialism like philosophy.

The precursors of the movement were the poet Joan Brossa and the painter Joan Pon ç, to that then there him would join writer Cirlot, the philosopher Arnau Puig and artists Tápies, Tharrats and Cuixart and they are located in the line of the magic surrealism, spreading it with the magazine Dau al Set, published from 1948 until 1953.

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Urban art against the War


Work of Bansky

Published this year in Barcelona, the book “Urban Art against the War” of Eleanor Mathieson, is a spectacular book where the most finished works collection appears against the War of Iraq.

Artists of the size of Bansky, Shepard Fairey, Dolk, Blek le Rat and many other they are compiled in this book, where the Urban Art appears on this topic in several countries of the world, like England, Spain, Australia and Germany between others.

His cost is to 24.90 EUR (U$D 43.50), it possesses 160 pages with the illustrations most emphasized from the mentioned authors and it is possible to find available in any bookstore.

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“Broken sceneries and other things meláncolicas”, exhibition of Won Ju Lim


Won Ji Lim is one of the Asian artists of more rename at present. They will remember it for his sculptural spaces and his facilities with video and virtual scenery. Since in a little time this Korean artist has been able to be reinvented, with a new skill of sculpture and the exhibition of his first paintings.

Under this suggestive title, Lim offers us an exhibition of sculptural sceneries contained in boxes of colored methacrylate. Every piece is a luck of composition in which it sees a three-dimensional panorama with natural elements like the moss and houses in miniature. Also we can see a novel form of paintings craqueladas and cuarteadas in the image.

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Monographic from Picasso and the dance to exhibition in Valencia


As well a reader of Art Spain said it, the universe created by Pablo Picasso is of an immensity inabarcable because every certain period someone discovers a new side of his artistic production.

Picasso and the dance is the excuse of this new exhibition that offers us the Cultural center Bancaja, who in 2003 began a series of monographic of the work of the of Malaga artist. This sample is assembled by a selection of engravings belonging to the Suites 347 and 156 and to the picture book Him Tricorne.

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Big retrospective of Alphonse Mucha in Madrid


Alphonse Mucha is a Czech artist that there went down in history art history as one of the most important representatives of the new art and pioneer in the application of the art to the publicity.

Tomorrow the CaixaForum Madrid inaugurates the first big retrospective of this artist in Spain, with a collection of 200 pieces between which there are cartels, objects of decoration, wardrobe, jewels and decorative paintings.

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Photographic sample of Hamish Fulton on the Iberian Peninsula


The Extremaduran and Latin-American Museum of Contemporary art (MEIAC) takes pleasure in presenting the exhibition of Hamish Fulton (London, 1946), “The way. Short routes for the Iberian Peninsula 1979 – 2008“, which one is an order of the Foundation Ortega Muñoz and she is provided in whole with 20 photos and texts of very recent creation.

His work begins in 1967 with his first walk and since then it has come developing a creative process that is based purely on the experience of walking. This considers it apart from his creative vocation and the way of expressing what for him there mean the walks and the spirituality that him transmit, it is across texts, photos, facilities and books that it exhibits often.

This peculiar but very interesting sample on sceneries of the Iberian Peninsula will be able to be appreciated in the MEIAC from the last April 25 until the next May 30, and Virgin of the Guadeloupe is located in C/, 7, Badajoz, Spain.

Exhibition of Ciria in Foundation Carlos de Amberes


The proprietor of the time

The Foundation Carlos de Amberes of Madrid presents from April 24 until the next 1st of June the most recent production of the Spanish artist José Manuel Ciria (Manchester, 1960). In this opportunity there will appear a score of works of his responsibility of last years.

Between the presented works is his series “The Guard Pleases“, taking his name of the place of Manhattan where it has in actuality his workshop, in the city of New York, where it resides from the year 2005.

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