It shows, in londres, on the best of the surrealism


(one of the exposed works: "Armchair of Lips Mae West’,

of Salvador Dalí and Edward James)

From March 29 it is possible to visit the exhibition “surrealistic Things: surrealism and design” in the museum Victory and Albert, in London. In the sample works of Dalí appear, It looked, Duchamp, Magritte and Man Ray, between others of the maximum figures of the surrealistic movement.

Until July 22 it will be possible to see this exhibition that consists of 300 pieces, between objects, photos, paintings, sculptures, exotic and fantastic strange furniture; being his target “to investigate in the influences that the surrealistic esthetics practised on the theater, the architecture, the fashion, the movies, etc.”. To keep on reading»

Published for info in Exhibitions on March 31, 2007

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National award of the Cómic in Spain

During the week the news ran in all the means: the Department of Culture of Spain created the National Award of the Cómic, provided neither more nor less than with 15.000 euros.


Thus the official dome of the Spanish culture recognizes the cómic inside a major status of the art, not already like the despised little sister. This genre, literature crossing drew and why not of the movies as for framing, it is to the height, as granted sum, of the national awards of literature, history and translation. To keep on reading»

Published by monica kreibohm in News on March 31, 2007

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Paraguayan art in Biennial Sao Paulo – Valencia

This week began the Biennial Sao Paulo-Valencia - Meeting between two seas, which there assembles the proposal of 200 Spanish and Latin-American artists. This new meeting aspires to rise like a space for the search of the coexistence of the cultures, the respect and the solidarity, setting like bridge to the art.

cabezamuseodelbarro. JPG

In this context the fact is that the Museum of the Mud of Paraguay exhibits a collection of works, which tackle the artistic production of the country in three big looks: the indigenous thing, the rural thing and the urban thing. To keep on reading»

Published by monica kreibohm in Exhibitions, News, Painting on March 30, 2007

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Christ's sculpture, done of chocolate, generates polemic

crucifix - de-chocolate.jpg

(Extracted photo of the web of the artist)

Everything what alludes to the religion that goes out of the traditions is always an exasperation motive on the part of the organizations that preside at them. There is neither art that costs, nor work that allows similar interfering. To get with Christ, Mahoma or Jehovah, is simply, and already from the vamos, to offend all the believers.

This happened with a done sculpture of Christ of milk chocolate. Just before Holy Week, the gallery Manhattan Lab of New York decided to exhibit this work that represents crucified Jesus Christ. The same one, alumnus My Sweet Lord (My sweet Gentleman) measures 1,80 and it is a creation of sculptor Cosimo Cavallaro. To keep on reading»

Published for info in Sculpture, Exhibitions, News on March 30, 2007

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To join the Poles by means of the art

biennial - fm

At the same time that the International Polar Year is celebrated and on an initiative of Argentina and Brazil, it arises the Biennial Ist of the End of the World.

This is a project commission for Leonor Amante, which takes as an end to join to the Poles by means of the art, and one has made real thanks to the Foundation Patagonia Art and Challenge, and also to the Foundation Brief of the Latin-American Parliament of San Pablo.

To keep on reading»

Published for nicolassilveira in News on March 29, 2007

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Showdown: virtual contest to reach the reputation


The way of reaching the reputation is changing already does a time. From the reality show that there throw actors, singers, and other artists' spices, Internet joins this new form of be announcing. But in this case, less cruel and less exponent, Charles Saatchi (photo), in his virtual gallery summons artists of the whole world to raise his works.

The winner will obtain 1500 euros and his work will be exhibited, for three months, in the gallery that Saatchi is still to inaugurate in October, in the quarter of Chelsea. Advertizing creative East and collector of British contemporary art, closed his gallery in London and decided to show art in Internet.
To keep on reading»

Published for info in News on March 29, 2007

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The Kinetic ones in the Museum Queen Sophia

Until August 20 there will be able to be visited this sample that assembles works of 20 Spanish and foreign artists, realized from the ends of the XIXth century 2006. The glance is composed by 80 works has an objective double, “to assume the cinetismo, not only like a concrete artistic current, but like a current ahistórica that presents himself as a wave throughout the XXth century, and to understand Latin America as region that it offered artists who turned into big exponents of the movement”, according to the words of the commissioner.


That's why there chose the title The Kinetic ones, concept that has his origin in the branch of the mechanics that investigates the relation between the movement of the bodies and the forces that act on them, understanding like body the artist and like force to the current or esthetics in which it is framed. To keep on reading»

Published by monica kreibohm in Exhibitions, News, Painting on March 28, 2007

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Exhibition of Pierre Matisse


In the Museum Picasso of Malaga, there will be exhibited until June 24, 2007 works corresponding to the art collection that was donated in 2002 to Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York for Pierre Matisse and his wife Maria Gaetana von Spreti.

For sixty long years, Henri Matisse, younger son of the dealer, devoted himself across his gallery in the American city of New York to impel the work of contemporary artists like Joan Miró y Albertio Giacometti, between others.

To keep on reading»

Published for nicolassilveira in Exhibitions, News, Painting on March 28, 2007

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PhotoEspaña comes


PhotoEspaña, International Festival of Photo and Visual arts, was born in 1998, and today it is one of the big events of visual arts of the world. This year, to be realized between May 30 and July 22 in Madrid, celebrates his 10th anniversary with more than 60 exhibitions of photographers and visual artists of 31 countries.

The same one will show, in his Official Section, the work of famous international photographers, like Bruce Davidson, Andrés Serrano, Lynn Davis, Sylvia Plachy, Man Ray, etc.

This contest has several innovations, like that of being provided neither with a general commissioner nor with a subject-matter on which the exhibitions are based. Other one of the innovations is the organization for the first time of exhibitions out of Spain: the museum Him Jeu de Paume of Paris will take part with a sample devoted to the photographers Pierre et Gilles, while the festival of Photo of Arles one of Alberto García-Alix will exhibit. To keep on reading»

Published for info in Exhibitions, It Photographs on March 27, 2007

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Works of Matisse and It Looked they visit the Museum Picasso of Malaga

The Museum Picasso of Malaga receives in his rooms a sample of contemporary painters to the artist malagüeño. The works belong to the collection of the Metropolitan Art museum of New York and they will be able to be seen by the visitors until June 24.


The body that shapes the exhibition is composed by 50 works of responsibility of Matisse, Balthus, It looked, Giacometti and Dubuffet, between others. In the image we see the famous Matisse picture, The Odalisque with magnolia, a work representative of the esthetics of the painter. To keep on reading»

Published by monica kreibohm in Exhibitions, News, Painting on March 26, 2007

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