The urban art "troubles" Mexico


The target of the art is always, but always, to provoke. To do that one speaks that what is contemplated. In this case his idea is to trouble.

It paid my attention an outdoor exposure that is realized in Mexico (from February 27 until March 20). The same one is called uncomfortable Inhabitants, and is an only one sample of all that that bothers the city dwellers.

As tells the healer of the same one, Edgardo Ganado Kim, this exhibition “he reflects around our daily discomfort opposite to the state of humor of the others and to the proper one”. To keep on reading»

Published for info in Exhibitions, News on February 28, 2007

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Jewish museum in Madrid

The Jewish Museum remained officially inaugurated, in the frame of the celebrations for 90 years of the foundation of the first synagog in Madrid.


The establishment of the museum is a small enclosure located in the first floor of the head office of the street Balmes, behind the Churches square. In him, the visitor can cover the history of the Hebrew people in Spain across a finished photographic, bibliographical and documentary trip. To keep on reading»

Published by monica kreibohm in News on February 28, 2007

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Two stolen Picasso of the house of his granddaughter

The stolen works are valued for 50 million dollars and they were extracted Monday night of the house of one of his granddaughters, in an exclusive residential area of Paris.

The curious of the case is that there were no violence signs, neither doors nor windows forced by the thieves. One day earlier, the Museum Picasso in Malaga was receiving two new pieces of the author, after having paid 3 million euros for them to the heiresses of the painter.


The stolen works are two familiar portraits, the first, Mayan one to the poupée, a linen of 60 x 40 centimeters of his daughter Maya who did in 1938; the second one, a portrait of 170 x 150 centimeters of his second and last wife, Jacqueline.

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Published by monica kreibohm in News, Painting on February 28, 2007

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Virtual visit to pop art

If your artistic preference is light esthetics and with clear reminiscences to the popular culture and consumer, nothing better than to give you a return, although virtual, for the galleries of Andy Warhol Museum, a space in which there conjugate the educations and the work of this one glamorous artist.



There you will be able to see a collection of 8.000 pieces of the American artist and father of pop art, between that there are counted way - painting, drawings, impressions, photos, sculptures and facilities. In addition to the wide video library of Warhol, in which you will be able to approach the comprehension of his controversial artistic work. To keep on reading»

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The cartoon story and the art

It would be necessary to debate well this of the cartoon story as contemporary art, but I think that some examples of current illustrators are sick to us to think that yes, that it seems that yes it enters like postmodern expression of the art.


If there does not cost glance a little the work of Roy Lichtenstein and his large-scale reproductions of the comics. His last works, which well raise representations of the personages of the novels roses so famous in this epoch, show a clear influence of the skills of Matisse and Picasso.

I incline for thinking that the art cannot be classified in the mere representation of classic and "serious" topics, as he would think them the academic canon, but it must penetrate the limits of the formal representation, presenting esthetics and conceptualmente a proposal or a look different from the reality. In this sense we can give him the art status to the vigorous lines of the esthetics of the sleeve or the humorous vignettes of some illustrators who appear in newspapers, as it is the case of Liniers, an Argentine drawer who publishes his strips in the newspaper Nation. To keep on reading»

Published by monica kreibohm in Reports on February 26, 2007

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Ansorena March 6: Sicily, Bernardo Torrens, Pepi Sanchez, Carlos Nadal y Sorolla

In the next auction of Ansorena that will be celebrated in Madrid next March 6 I have emphasized the following lots:

Joaquin Sorolla

I title: "Red evening”

Skill: I flutter on table.
Measurements: 9 x 20,3 cm.

Price Gone out: 7.500,00 Euros

sorolla.jpg To keep on reading»

The scream of the chickens

The organization of defense of the animal rights PETA summoned for a contest for concientizar the people on the dealing that the chickens and hens receive on the part of the industry.

In the image, one of the posters voted for the public, who frankly presents himself as a parody of The Scream, picture of the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. The anxiety and the pain that loads the work of Munch serve like analogy to represent the development that the chickens and hens suffer in the poultry industry.


This cartel is a work of the Japanese designers Tenda Teo and Keiko Koyama, it is one of so many people pieces that took part of the contest and received in the web site of PETA the favorites' vote on the part of the Net users.

Published by monica kreibohm in Photo, News, Painting on February 23, 2007

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Renoir, an impressionist

Perhaps in the times that run, more of one remembers of the French movie Amelie, to the neighbor of the protagonist reproducing, repeatedly, the famous picture The lunch of the rowers of Auguste Renoir.


The true thing is that this French painter was one of the most important of the XIXth century, as well as one of the exponents of the impressionism, avant-garde that would influence the development of many of the big avant-gardes of the XXth century.

Renoir was born in a little town of France, somewhere near 1841, and from adolescent he was interested by the plastic art, being employed at the workshop of the brothers Levy like painter of floral arrangements in china. It counts the history that also devoted itself to the painting on fans, activity that would allow him in future developing a rapid and luminous stroke. To keep on reading»

Published by monica kreibohm in Reports, Painting on February 22, 2007

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The art of Cristóbal Toral

cristobal-toral.jpgIt is considered to be one of the big modality of the Spanish magic realism of the XXth century. He is one of few painters who has understood the avant-garde to his way. And that's why, also, it is recognized like one of the most singular Spanish artists and of major responsibility.

He was born in the year 1940 in Tower Alhaquime, Cadiz, Spain; but his infancy and adolescence lived through it in Antequera, Malaga. In this city it initiated, in 1958, his studies in the School of Arts and crafts. Between 1959 and 1961 it remained in the School of Fine arts of Seville; then it joined the School of Fine arts of San Fernando of Madrid, until 1964. To keep on reading»

Published for info in - Cristobal Toral, Authors that + I continue, Painting on February 22, 2007

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The exposed sex

Although it is still missing very much, it costs to announce that next and distant October 12 the exhibition will be inaugurated Seduced: the art and the sex from the Antiquity till now, in the gallery Barbican of London.

This sample aspires to assemble 250 art pieces about the subject-matter, between which there are counted statues, reliefs, fresh air (like the proceeding ones from a brothel of Pompeii), paintings, photos and videos.


To keep on reading»

Published by monica kreibohm in Exhibitions, News on February 22, 2007

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