“The lost myth”, Greek sculptures in the Walk of the Meadow


Sculpture especially conceived for Madrid.

Until April 13, the Walk of the Meadow will be inhabited by 26 monumental sculptures, which imitate the ancient Greece. This work belongs to the Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj, who is exhibiting in the frame of the project Art in the Street.

I love this type of projects because they create a different poetic art on having been inserted in the public space and to be written in dialogue form with the public and the city. It is possible to visit it in the walk, from Slope of Moyano up to the Square Brave Murillo.

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Third Contest of paintings and figurative sculptures 2008


The Foundation of them Arts and els Artists of Barcelona, summons to the Third Contest of Paintings and Figurative Sculptures 2008, of which there will be able to take part all the artists who want, they must inscribe before May 31 of the current year. 200.000 EUR prepares to distribute in awards.

Only one will be accepted it acts for author must be this one unpublished, original and of his exclusive property. The topic and the skill will be free, but they will have to belong to the form of Figurative Art. There will be born in mind the technical skill and the originality of the topic.

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The art of the graffiti of the hand of Banksy


The popular artist of graffiti born in 1974 in Bristol, the United Kingdom, has become popular due to his stencils with staff those that are visible everywhere of the world and principally in London. Only we know that it is named Banksy, his real name, it never announced it.

Banksy uses the street art of form of promoting a vision different from the one that the mass media give. This nuclea behind, certain political intention behind his called “criminal damage“, which can be influenced by Ad Jammers, a movement that was deforming commercials, in order to change the message.

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Artist Rooms”, I plan of ambulant explanatory rooms



The National Gallery of Scotland and Tate Modern of London they are setting there goes an educational project called Artist Rooms. There talks each other of a gentle traveling exhibition with 50 ambulant rooms consisted of 25 artists each one that they will travel round the whole United Kingdom.

The target is to bring the young people over to the contemporary art that they can only see in the more distant capitals and not in the city. To help to the project, Anthony D'Offay, one of the most important collectors donated 725 works of British artists of last half a century, valued for more than 164 million euros.

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The Crown Fountain”, the source of Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa is one of my favorites of the Spanish contemporary art, his works raise very well that what the current art is and they talk of different forms with his environment.

Of more there is to tell them that I like the public art and his playful power, that's why perhaps I chose this work of Plensa, there talks each other The Crown Fountain, the magnificent futurist source located in the park Millenium of Chicago.

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I fixed, Barceló, Gal, Feito, Ubeda, Viola and Plensa in the Ansorena auction

On March 4 the house Ansorena will celebrate a new auction in which we emphasize the lots of Spanish artists like Menchu Gal, Manuel Viola, Jaume Plensa, Luis Feito, Agustín Ubeda, Miquel Barceló and Antoni Clavé. Less works of Barceló, I Fixed and Plensa, other lots are for the thousands of euros, what makes them attractive for modest pockets.

Let's begin with Menchu Gal and his Castle


I flutter on tablex
16 x 59 cm
Price Gone out: 5.000 EUR

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Life and work of Carmen Laffón


Bunches of the healthy vineyard. Adela VI. I draw to the coal, 2001-2002

Carmen Laffón, painter and figurative sculptress, was born in 1934 in Seville, in the bosom of a progressive and well-off family. His parents decided that it should not go to the school, by what his education was carried out in his house, with different teachers.

His artistic production realized principally with the skills of the charcoal, the cake and the oil, sandal the portrait (it realized several of the kings of Spain, Juan Carlos I and Sofia), the still life, the daily objects and, especially, the scenery. From middle of the 90 the artist explores the world of the sculpture.

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Exhibition 50 years of From Switzerland


It is carried out in the MoMA of New York, an exhibition that it will finish on March 31, in which there will appear the fiftieth anniversary of Max Miedinger and Edouard Hoffmann and of the design From Switzerland, the most ubiquitous type of all.

Considered the universal type of the XXth century, From Switzerland communicates in a simple way and in turn well proportionate that transmit an esthetic neutral clarity and in turn, modern. In honor of the first typography MoMA acquired for the collection, the fact is that this sample appears.

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“Art XX”, exhibition that he revises to the best artists of last century


Work of Miquel Barceló

Art XX is the name of this exhibition that assembles works of the cardinal artists of last century and that will be able to be visited until March 2 in the Museum of Bilbao.

The funds of the sample belong to an anonymous collector and it assembles 63 works, between 48 paintings and 15 sculptures of 46 authors like Sorolla, Nonell, Kandinsky, Torres García, Julio González, Picabia, Klee, Picasso, Blanchard, Gleizes, Léger, Braque, Metzinger, Gray, Sun porch, Chagall, Of Chirico, Ernst, Looked, Dalí, Domínguez, Palazuelo, Block, Chillida, Thousands, Saura, Gordillo, Serra, Cragg, Navarrese, Kapoor and Barceló, between others.

The funds of this collection will stay to care of the museum for 5 years, but we do not know if again an exhibition will be realized. For those who want to do the visit they can do it from Tuesday until Sunday from 10 to 20 hs, in Museum Square 2 of Bilbao. The value of the entry is 5 euros.

Exhibition in honor to Joseph Beuys in the IVAM


The IVAM of Valencia dedicates a sample with 115 pieces including photos, engravings and works edited in series, to one of the most influential artists of the XXth century like Joseph Beuys, who is, along with Duchamp, the artist who drew deeper into occurring of the art of last century. The same one is named Multiple, and it will be able turn until May 25.

The IVAM, it assembles, in addition to the exposed thing previously, works printed on different supports and formats, and they will be completed by different audio-visual elements, like sound recordings and diverse movies. The pieces here present, they were edited in series, or that they are multiple.

They passed already 20 years of his death and several galleries and museums he has dedicated his retrospectives, being one of his maximum exponents Tate Modern of London. This sample will be able Valencia, Spain turns in the IVAM located in Guillem de Castro 118, 46003.

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