You do not form them of Antonio Saura


Antonio Saura is met like the painter of the unformalism, tendency of the Spanish abstract art.

Talented East self-educated was born in Huesca in the decade of ´30 and during the Spanish Civil war he lived in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.

Author of a hundred of pieces that paintings assemble in oil, sculptures, xerigrafías, lithographies, engravings and aguasfuertes, is to my taste, one of the Spanish painters more vigorous than his epoch.

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The return of Pop, Antonio de Felipe

He was born in Valencia in the year 1965, and graduated in the faculty of Fine arts of this city in the decade of ´80. Multidisciplinary artist who not only devoted himself to the painting and to the sculpture, but also it penetrated into different fields, as for example: “Tremulous Meat” collaborated with Pedro Almodóvar in the movie, he designed curtains for Telemadrid, Santa Clara created a china for the signature; and he collaborated with important publications as ByN Dominical (Sunday magazine of the newspaper ABC), The Country, The Magazine of the newspaper El Mundo, Marie Claire, elle and the magazine Rolling Stone, between others.

Pop stands out in the art, and it produces homage to the world of the publicity (constant subject-matter and ambience where it worked eight years), of the movies or of the Spanish baroque painting. In his work there appear representations of the most daily objects, the products of big consumption and the icons of the popular culture. To keep on reading»

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Eduardo Arroyo, more than a painter

Born person from Madrid on February 26, 1937. He graduated in Journalism in the same city, and in the year 1957, after having finished his studies, went away to France. He settled in Paris, with the intention of becoming a writer. There one contacted with the circles of Spanish exiles and began to do, without any type of formation.

In the middle of the sixties he began to collaborate with the painters Gilles Aillaud and Antonio Recalcati. He is considered to be one of the principal representatives of the critical imagining, of fundamentally political and social content. His painting also adopts influences of the style dadaísta, of the superrealism and of pop art.

In 1968 it took part in the Lounge of the Young Painting with the work “The bullfight of the butterfly”. On the following year, Claude Levin of Paris realized his first individual sample in the Gallery, in that it expressed of explicit form his opposition to the Franco period. For example, it exhibited a series of dictators' portraits, like Hitler or Mussolini, or the alumnus “25 years of peace” (of 1965).
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25 pieces of the graphic work of Saura in gallery Walnut


From February 2 it will be possible to appreciate in the gallery Walnut of Oviedo, a sample of the graphic work of Antonio Saura, the Spanish painter of the unformalism.

A whole of 25 pieces assembles the exhibition, between xerigrafías, engravings, lithographies and aguasfuertes that date of the decade of ´70 until beginning of ´80.

The sample will be opened to the public until March 10, but if not llegás on time, you can see a good exhibition of the painter in the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia, of Madrid.

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The Portuguese ladies in waiting of Valdés, of tour

Manolo Valdés begins a Traveling exhibition for several Spanish cities of his monumental "Portuguese ladies in waiting".

A sculptures selection, updating the Portuguese lady in waiting concept they are exhibited from January 312 in full street in Cordova and they will cover up to 16 Spanish cities throughout next months.

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Painting auction in Segre: Menchu Gal, Muñoz Vera and exceptional Miquel Barceló

On February 13 an interesting painting auction is celebrated in Madrid, in Segre.

This is a young and peculiar auctions room. I like because it is focused almost in its entirety on new values, and occasionally there is some good occasion of buy (much occasionally …)
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Joaquim Falcó in Santo Domingo


The gallery Alinka Arte Contemporáneo of Dominican Republic, it will receive the individual sample of the Spanish painter Joaquim Falcó. The same one will be inaugurated on February 2, opening this way the exhibitions calendar 2007.

Under the title “Markas: tattoo of chromatic happiness”, the visitor will be able to see a compilation of works that return on the esthetics of the author, where the daily objects, the industry and the art are the look that the painter to the consumption sociedada. (It photographs: Pictures of the Coffee of Bages I, 1998)

Also he will be able to acquire “Falcó: the color of the life”, an impressive one freed of almost 500 pages, with critics' texts of art of the size of Achille Bonito Oliva, Catherine Coleman and Carlos Buil.

The Falcó sample will be opened to public until February 28.

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War magazines


In the room 17 of the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia finds the sample mounted “Magazines and War. 1936-1939 ″, that compiles a fistful of the magazines published during the Spanish Civil war.

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Tintoretto in Madrid


From January 29 it will be possible to appreciate in The Central Gallery of the Art gallery of the Prado Museum of Madrid, one our retrospective of the Venetian painter, who assembles 49 pictures, three sculptures and 13 drawings.

The sample of Jacopo Tintoretto takes as a target “to show his best achievements, but also the interest to go deep into the creative process of the painter, granting big importance to the disegno, understood this one like instrument of learning, experimentation and composition, as well as to the technical aspects entirely integrated to the explanatory speech“, as it affirmed Miguel Falomir, the director of the area of Italian art of the Prado Museum.

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A Chillida terracotta to auction in London

Next February 8 the Room Christies auctions in London a Terracotta of Eduardo Chillida (Lurra XXXIII)

08 feb 2007 Christies


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