The best thing of the average art Spanish is exhibited in New York



Sintopías. Of the relation between art, science and technology is the name of this one collective that is exhibited from today in the Institute Cervantes of New York. The innovation? Artist of average assembles this exhibition to the best art Spanish in American soil.

According to his organizers, this is a sample thought to be exhibited out of Spain and to show to the world that it is done in the field of the average art national.

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Berta Ares and his Mysterious Concealment in Gallery Catharsis


The Gallery Catharsis will present this 1st of February the exhibition of the Galician artist Berta Ares, who titles Mysterious Concealment and will remain in the same one until the 21st of the same month.

The works of this artist seem to hide certain mysteries granted principally by the metallic meshes with which it covers his linens, allowing to make out the elements that exist behind, giving the sensation that these feel ashamed or simply they want to be preserved from those who want to perceive them with their own hands.

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The imperialist monster of Oscar Neimeyer


This image that they see is the sculpture that the Brazilian artist Oscar Niemeyer realized for the University of Science Computer of Havana, Cuba and was located last Monday. It has been baptized like The Imperialist Monster it is a gift that this 100-year-old sculptor of age gave to the Cuban people, in honor to his struggle.

With a structure of 9, 5 tons of steel, the monster is trying to gobble a man who clutches the flag of Cuba, in clear allusion to the resistance of the Cuban people before the voracious capitalism.

Looking at it from the distance of the photo, the work in itself does not seem to come out very much, but I invite them to imagine opposite to this almost 10 tons grotesque monster and think if it is that they will not feel in a second the weight of this oppressive system and the desperation of which it swallows us.

Life and work of Abraham Lacalle


Abraham Lacalle is a young and new painter in the Spanish scene. Born in Almeria in 1962, began his career in the decade of ´80 and in 1994 it gained the scholarship of artistic promotion of the House of Velázquez. His work characterizes for having literary references-Lowry, Pessoa, of the Serna - disciplines that also it cultivates.

In his cloths there are references to big teachers of the painting, like Marcel Duchamp, Picasso, Mondrian or Philip Guston. His works crash for the special subjectivity that does in the treatment of the color. In turn in her there is, of ironic and sarcastic form, constant references to the big artistic and literary movements of the XXth century and a social criticism.

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I free: Salvador Dalí and other studies on art and avant-garde


The book Salvador Dalí and other studies on art and avant-gardes, was edited in Valencia the previous year, being his author Guillermo Carnero. In this volume studies meet on the multiple and varied activity of the artist like painter, objects builder and theoretically of the surrealism.

Also, this volume tackles other topics of culture and art, including from the Prerrafaelismo up to Frida Kahlo, assembling this way a varied report on the skills developed in this period of time.

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Gouache of Marc Chagall in the surrealistic auction

February 4 will be the auction of surrealistic art in Christie's in which we emphasize this lot of Marc Chagall, the Byelorussian and surrealistic painter, which work we like very much.



Signed 'Chagall'
Gouache s / role
19,9 x 28,5 cm, executed in 1911
Evaluation: 335.215 – 470.701 EUR

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The manifesto of the surrealism written by André Breton will be auctioned in May


The manuscript of the surrealism, the text written by André Breton and that sat the bases of this avant-garde will be auctioned on May 20 in Paris by Sotheby's. The text dated in 1924 will be the jewel of the auction, with an evaluation between the 300.000 to 500.000 euros.

Along with this desire object, there will be auctioned also 9 manuscripts of Breton, between which there is soluble Poisson, the biggest example of automatic writing realized by the French poet. For the interested writers, soluble Poisson is composed by 32 texts and estimated between the 200.000 to 300.000 euros.

Although we are still to 4 months of this big auction, we think that it will create great bustle, so much in the world of the art as of the literature and the thought, since there are cardinal texts to understand to one of the most important artistic avant-gardes of last century.

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You act with millennial soul of Xiao Xiaowan


Double Heads
14 crystal badges, 60×85×17.5cm, 2006

Paisajes with soul is the first exhibition of Xiao Xiaowan in Spanish soil. The same one can be visited in the gallery by Dolores de Sierra (in San Agustín 16 of Madrid) until March 7.

The sample assembles pieces keys of the work of this painter that allow us to comprise the China of Mao: the millennial traditions, the change and the trasgresión are some of the topics tackled by Xiaowan from pictures that seem of the digital age.

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Exhibition of Rafa Sañudo in Gallery Twenty-one


In the Gallery Twenty-one will carry out from January 31 until February 29 the exhibition of Rafa Sañudo, where it will present the sketches before to his audio-visual works, musical videos, illustrations and graphic humor of last 12 years.

They will be able to be appreciated in the sample, more than 150 works where the drawing and the illustration act like genesis of the creative idea, where also it plays an important role the irony.

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Navarrese Miquel reflects on the influences that cross his work

Not long ago we speak in Artespain on Miquel Navarro, this Valencian sculptor that so much fame is giving to the Spanish contemporary art.

We were saying that Navarrese works on the limit between the architecture and the sculpture, thinking about how to transform the urban space and thanks to this fragment of a video of the Territorial School of Architects we have in the words of the proper Navarrese have met on one of the sources of this fascination.

A detail to understand a little more the work of Miquel Navarro.

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