Works of Jaume Plensa to the sale in Artelandia

- If you are interested in the buy of works of Spanish artists contemporary and you do not like the world of the auctions, you can resort to galleries as Artelandia, which offer works of Spanish artists of the XIXth and XXth century for the direct sale, without intermediaries.

Today we will see the works of Jaume Plensa to the sale of Artelandia:

Without title


Skill: Mixed skill
Dimensions of the work: 49×32 cm
With authenticity certificate

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Bernardo Torrens and his exhibition in Bernarducci Meisel Gallery


Jesi II”
Acrylic in wood

A selection of the work of the Spanish painter Bernando Torrens one will be able to see from October 1 in the gallery neoyoquina Bernarducci Meisel Gallery.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by a selection of works of Torrens of last decade, with pictures like the series of feminine nudes; the portraits of personalities and the series dedicated to the looks. There are pictures in subtle and deep white persons and blacks, as well as paintings of intense coloring.

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Why to choose the University Alfonso X The Wise person?

_mg_4496 reduced

Do not you know yet what university to choose? Since here we offer you some points so that you value the University Alfonso X The Wise person, an educational center with a very interesting studies offer.

  1. It is provided with a University Campus of 1 million square meters with 19 teaching buildings, 85 laboratories, 1 proper managerial park, the most advanced Veterinary hospital of Europe, 3 residences, 2 general hospitals, 1 institute of postgraduate course, 1 football ground of artificial lawn, 1 stadium of authorized athletics, 1 sports pavilion, 24 sports center tracks.
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    Lou Brothers in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's

    Lou Brothers is one of the artists that you will think in the auction of Asian contemporary art that Sotheby's celebrates next October 6 in Hong Kong.

    Of this contemporary artist you will be able to see these lots:

    Welcome! The Famous Brands of the World


    Year of creation: 2007
    Skill: Resin
    Measurements: 39×47x28 cm
    Distinctive marks: signed and dated
    Evaluation: 4.300 – 6.100 €

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    Masterpieces, collection of Chema Madoz edited by The Factory

    chema madoz

    Masterpieces, it is the title d and the collection of the Spanish photographer Chema Madoz, edited by The Factory that will go out published in April, 2010.

    The volume covers the Madoz trajectory, across his photos, which of particular form, have the power to change the objects into different others, almost for magic art.

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    Help us to know your Internet habits


    Belong you to the addicts to Internet? Do you use it to work? Or only do you navigate 1 time week? Some of these questions are those that you can answer in the new Internet habits survey that the network of blogs Free time Netwoks invites you to complete.

    It is true that Internet has changed our way of relating us, of informing us, of working and of living. Few ones are that still rehúsan to spend hours updating his profiles in Tuenti or Facebook, to read newspapers online or to answer thousands of post office a day. Some habits are excessive, necessary others. In this Internet habits survey we try to know what you do when you sail and it will only take you 5 minutes of your time to answer 25 questions.

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    40 rewarded ARCH – Häagen-Dazs for young values


    With the target to promote the contemporary art as cultural event of our society, Häagen-Dazs, in collaboration with ARCOmadrid, it summons young artists and resident creators in Spain, with independence of his nationality, after there informs of the Award ARCH 40 – HäagenDazs for young values.

    The award is of 15.000€ and the exhibition is of the winning work in the edition of ARCOmadrid 2010. The term for the delivery of the works is next October 31.

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    He bets that Iker does not score goal in the Real Villarreal vs Madrid

    real madrid vs villarreal

    Do you cheer up? The bet in the Show Top Games of today will be white hot: they return you half of your bet if you lose, but Real Madrid wins and Iker Casillas is not the person in charge of the goal. he will return you half of your bet if you lose and are right in this risky prognosis, up to 50 % of your bets and this promotion it is valid for the users of Spain, Central America and South America.

    This night at 20 a.m. hs is the meeting between the Real Villarreal vs Madrid, which promises emotion and money to those who should realize his sports bets in He remembers that if you are one of the lucky ones, the money will pay to your account in the space of 48 hs of finished the party.

    Bodies, images of the exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe

    Have not you gone to see the exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe in the CAC of Malaga yet? Since here you have a rapid walk along some of 115 photos selected for this retrospective that celebrates a new anniversary of one of the most controversial photographers.

    The images of the exhibition are of small format, but it shows the photographic eye of one of the artists more important than the contemporary photo. The sample will be opened until November 15 and it assembles his production in 14 years, from 1975 until 1989.

    The naked body, already be anómimo or of celebrities, he keeps on impregnating his work and from there the title of the exhibition: Bodies.

    Camouflages, collective exhibition in The Burning House


    Camuflajes is the title of this collective exhibition that you can visit in The House Lit until November. The proposal takes as a target to assemble the work of diverse artists who use the resource of the camouflage as a constitutive element of his work.

    It will be possible to see works of these artists: Angels Agrela; José Ramón Amondarain; Liu Bolin; Manuel Cerda; Chema Cobo; Monica Duncan and Lara Odell; Lalla Essaydi; Leo Fabrizio; Adonis Flores; Joan Fontcuberta; Laurent La Gamba; Rogelio López Cuenca; Maider López; Carmen Mariscal; Laura Mars; Mateo Maté; Carlos Miranda; Sonia La Mur; Juan Luis Moraza; Yasumasa Morimura; Harvey Opgenorth; Desiree Palmen; Domingo Sánchez Blanco; Francesca Woodman; Gina Zacharias; Eleanor Antin; Emilio Fantin; Alfredo Jaar; Ottonella Mocellin; Pacquée Laughs; Cesare Pietroiusti and Cesare Viel.

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